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New Boyz Interview with Jasmine Whaley!

Earlier today i got the chance to interview the New Boyz! We talked about the industry, relationships, and their music of course! You can tell that they are very down to earth. It's always refreshing to meet people like that in this industry. It was a good time!
Transcripts and audio below!

--Jasmine Whaley--

iS: How did you guys meet?

Legacy: We met in high school. We both had the same class. And we both were doing music at the same time and was just in class rappin’ and ever since then we just linked up.

iS: How long were you guys actually making music before ‘Your a Jerk’ came out?

Legacy: Me..i was recording music since I was 11 years old. Like I went from the Karaoke machine to the studio. But Ben J, he was makin’ music since he was 15 I think.

iS: A lot of people think that you guys make nothing but jerkin' or dance music, how do you plan to counteract that?

Legacy: Well we kinda already did. Like that’s why we put out ‘Tie Me Down’ second..It has a dancin’ beat but it’s not a dancing song. And that’s more of our style of music. It’s just we put out ‘You’re a Jerk’ first because that was just a huge movement at the time and we wanted it to blow up. But all we gon’ do is keep puttin’ out good music. We gon keep provin’ people wrong.

iS: How does it feel to be so young and in the music industry?

Legacy: Honestly I feel relieved because I’ve been wanting this since I was 8 years old. So it was like every day I would be asking myself like, “Am I gon’ make it,” and I would keep sayin’ that I gotta make it before I turn 20 and I finally made it. So, I feel more relieved than anything.

iS: How do you guys juggle this crazy lifestyle while staying focused at the same time?

Legacy: You gotta look at your goals. What i do is, I look at my goals. Like where I wanna be. ‘Cuz where I’m at right now is definitely not where I want to be. I just set goals for myself and when a bunch of stuff start happening, like negative stuff or just something to mess you up, I just keep my eye on that. Just stay focused and keep myself focused. I look at the situation like what could happen if I don’t. If I don’t stay focused, I could lose everything and imma make sure that don’t happen.

iS: Are both of you guys single?

Legacy: Yeppp, we not necessarily lookin’ for a relationship but if somebody come along that can hold our interest then we open for one. But nobody can keep our interest for too long and I don’t know why, we hate it.

iS: What do you mean ’keep your interest’?

Legacy: Like we talk to somebody and we like them for like the first 2 weeks and be like ‘yeah this her, this the one,’ and then after that we just don’t be interested in them no more. I don’t know why. And it sucks but we both like that unfortunately.

iS: So, is there any meaning behind Tie Me Down, is that how you guys really feel right now?

Legacy: That’s how we feel sometimes. Because some girls are just really, really, clingy. Like we talk to them and they don’t realize we just talk. They think it’s more than that. So they be tryna, “yeah, you cant go here, you can’t do this, you can’t talk to her,” and I’m like you ain’t gon’ tie me down. Like we single, I’m not committed to you right now.

iS: You guys have a unique sound, that us over in the East Coast aren’t really used to, who are your influences?

Legacy: Honestly, when we make dope tracks that influences us. Because when we hear something good that we make, like it just influences us to keep making stuff like that and better than that. So I ain’t even gonna front, we influence ourselves. And our fans influence us too. Like when they be like I want you to do this, I want you to put this type of stuff out. Or they just appreciate our work and it’s like we see that they love what we’re doing, it influences us even more to keep doing what we’re doing.

iS: Describe to me your fashion style? East coast/ West Coast thing again.

Legacy: I don’t really know how to explain it but we rock skinny jeans and we dress how we want to dress and we don’t care what people think about it. We don’t wear them bright, bright colors no more though. Like everybody still label us as ‘New Boyz- Skinny jeans & bright colors.’ We don’t wear super bright colors anymore..we kinda outgrew that but besides that we just do what we do. That’s all it is.

iS: There’s been a lot of speculation that hip-hop is dead, do you agree..how do you feel about that?

Legacy: Nah, I think the reason that Hip-Hop is dead..like honestly I think Soulja Boy had a point with what he said. Like when he said Nas is the reason why Hip-Hop is dead because if he would have never came out saying that then no one would be saying that. So I think the only reason why Hip-Hip is dead is because so many people are walkin’ around sayin’ “Hip-Hop is dead.” Hip-Hop is just changed, that’s all it is. But for every artist that makes dance records, there’s an artist that be makin’ real Hip-Hop records then people that say 'Hip-Hop is dead' listen to them. But the people that make dance records aren’t for them, like they for the people that wanna go to the club and dance.

iS: Do you guys have any upcoming projects?

Legacy: We working on a second album right now. It’s going good. We in the studio right now. We makin’ a lot of dope tracks. Its dope ‘cuz our music got a lot better, like we in the studio right now. So we makin’ a lot of dope tracks, it’s poppin’.

iS: Is there anybody that you want to collaborate with on this album?

Legacy: Anybody, I don’t wanna name anybody specific because it’s so many people. From Rap artists to R&B artists to Rock artists, we’ll do a Country song. We really open minded when it comes to music.

iS: What are your favorite songs that are out right now?

Both: Lil Wayne Rebirth! His album is dope. That’s who we listenin’ to at the moment. Just the whole album.

iS: So you guys were on the fan appreciation tour with Chris Brown, how was that whole experience?

Legacy: It was dope just because Chris Brown got the same type of fans that we got. So it was like we got a big fan base plus Chris Brown’s fans was screamin’ for us too. It was just dope out there, it was a bunch of girls and you know we love that and Chris Brown was cool too. And it’s good to work with people that you enjoy kickin’ it with.

iS: That’s all the questions I got, do you have any last words?

Legacy: Thanks to all the fans, for everything. We gon’ keep makin’ dope music. Our next album is coming soon! And follow us on Twitter! My Twitter is ThaLegacy and Ben J’s twitter is imBenJBro.

Click here to download 'Skinny Jeans and a Mic' on iTunes! www.thenewboyz.com www.myspace.com/newboyz www.twitter.com/NewboyZ www.twitter.com/ThaLegacy www.twitter.com/imBenJBro
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