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A Valentine’s Day to Remember with Trey Songz! by Jasmine Whaley

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with Trey Songz?
NEW JERSEY- On the night of Sunday, February 14, Trey Songz took the stage in front of a full house at the Mark Etess Arena at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As soon as Trey came from behind the curtain, the arena began to shake from the screams of his single female fans, as well as those who came to the concert with their significant other. He opened up the show with the first single off his latest LP 'Ready', “I Need A Girl.” Of course the crowd went crazy, after all, who wouldn’t want to be the girl that Trey Songz needed?

His next number was “Gotta Go,” off his first album 'I Gotta Make It'. The crowd sang along with Trey as he beautifully sang the sweet melody. Trey Songz is very good at mixing his older hits with his newer ones during his shows. A few other songs he performed were "Black Roses," "Last Time," and "Scratchin’ Me Up" (found on the deluxe edition of 'Ready'). Suddenly, there was a loud ‘thumping’ noise. All of the fans screamed with anticipation as Trey looked around the stage confusedly asking, “What’s that?” Then, as the DJ spun the record, Trey sang, “This right here’s a panty droppa.” The ladies in the crowd could not stop screaming; it was a madhouse needless to say. He started to get into some of his slower jams, perfect for the couples in the audience. He performed his newest single, “Neighbors Know My Name,” while of course giving the crowd a show. Then he sat on his stool, and said to the crowd, “I gonna be spending my Valentine’s Day alone…because of this song right here.” The intro to “Yo Side of the Bed,” began to play. The live band was an asset to his whole set, but it definitely was spotlighted during this song. The electric guitarists’ solo was an excellent attribute. Trey Songz is known to be crowd-pleaser at every show he puts on. He utilizes the whole stage while interacting and connecting with his fans. While down on his knees, Trey told the audience that he loved them and that he couldn’t leave us ‘down’ in reference to the past couple of song selections. He then got into some of his more up-tempo hits. "LOL :-)” proved to be a crowd favorite, as everyone began to sing with him. The next song he performed was "Missing You" off of his sophomore album 'Trey Day'. He asked the crowd, “Ladies, where you at?” ”’Cuz you know what...” he then sang, “this goes out to the beautiful girls,” with a little assistance from the crowd who then finished out the rest of the opening lines to “Invented Sex.” Trey closed out his show with the club-banger, “Say Aah,” and an appropriate pink and white rose pedal confetti effect as he took a bow and exited the stage. This will certainly be a Valentine's Day that his attending fans will never forget.
-- Jasmine Whaley--

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