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Lupe Fiasco & Michael Eric Dyson on the Future of Hip-Hop

Last Night, Lupe Fiasco and Michael Eric Dyson joined the Drexel University community in a thought-provoking and insightful discussion on the Future of Hip-Hop.

Words are not enough to describe in detail the ideals and philosophies that were discussed by these two hip-hop intellectuals.

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Lupe Fiasco and Michael Eric Dyson are known as the top hip-hop intellectuals in the music industry right now. Together, Lupe Fiasco's insight on the music industry from a artist's stand-point and Michael Eric Dyson's analytical and philosophical insight on the music industry and the hip-hop culture makes an extremely thought-provoking discussion. Michael Eric Dyson, with his amazing and accurate references to current hip-hop culture, events within the black community, and precise recitation of lyrics is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Lupe Fiasco provided knowledgeable information on the music industry and his experiences, such as Fiasco Friday. Fiasco explained his start in the music business, his trials and tribulations, and insider information on the industry. As a whole, this was an excellent event. See pictures and videos below.

Lupe Fiasco talks about the Illuminati theory.

Michael Eric Dyson talks about Kanye West...

Fiasco on the effects consumers have on music.

Lupe spits a verse from his upcoming single, via LupEND Blog.

For more videos please check out the official YouTube Channel for iSocialite.

For more information on Michael Eric Dyson please check out: http://www.michaelericdyson.com

For more information about Lupe Fiasco check out: http://www.lupefiasco.com/
Lasers- March 8th, 2011

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Special thanks to Ajon Brodie of the Drexel Triangle for some of the pictures.
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