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Interview With Central PA band, The Riot, at the Millenium Music Conference/Showcase

Central Pennsylvania local band, The Riot, plays at the Millenium Music Conference/Showcase at Harrisburg Area Community College.

by: Rachel Fox
Harrisburg, PA- I recently had the chance to interview a local band from York, PA called The Riot.  These four guys gave me the chance to look into the basis of their band and get to know them a little bit more.  They were a hilarious group to chat with and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I had.  Make sure to check them out!

iS:  Who are you and your role in the band?
Ryan:   I’m Ryan Riot and I play guitar and I sing for The Riot
Brad:  I’m Brad and I play bass. Just bass, and sometimes I say ‘OOO’ and ‘AH’
Paul:  “Snoop Dog”  nah I play guitar, and that’s all I do
Ryan:  That is really all he does lol
Ryno:  I’m Ryno and I play drums and percussion I hit stuff with sticks lol
iS:  How long have you known each other?
Ryan: I’ve known this kid (to Brad) since the day he was born.  He’s my brother.  Ryno used to work for me at Hot Topic and then he had to quit because of the band (laughter).  Paul we met at-
Paul:  Chat Roulette lol.
Ryan:  No we didn't.  We actually met Paul at Hot Topic when I was working in Lancaster.
iS:  Favorite venue?
Riot:  The Rave in Milwaukee, WI.  Just because of the history that’s there; the bands that have played there.
iS:  If you could choose any band to tour with, who would you choose?
Riot:  (simultaneously answered) Jimmy Eat World
iS:  Three of you currently live together, who’s the hardest to live with?
Paul: (Jokes)Brad lol  [Brad is the only one who doesn’t live in the house.]
Ryan:  Not many secrets.  We’re pretty open. *As he points to Ryno.*
Paul: Yeah I don’t really have any problems living with any of them. *points to Ryno as well*
Ryno: *notices* HEY! (laughter)
iS:  Album you are most anticipating that is to be released in 2011?
Riot:  Ours. Haha, besides our own Bayside, Braid, and Face To Face.
iS:  Favorite band you’ve played with?
Riot:  That’s a hard one.  Gotta say Every Avenue(Dave Strauchman made it a point to say goodbye to them after their set, which is a big feat for a frontman of a signed band) and Four Year Strong who actually watched their set (which is not something bigger bands really do for local opening acts)
iS:  Celebrity Crush?
Paul:  Taylor Swift
Brad: Betty White, she’s my homegirl haha.
Ryan:  yeah, we’ll go with Betty White
iS:  Any interesting facts about your band members that they themselves would not reveal?
Paul:  We don’t have any right now but I’m sure if you were to ask us in an hour we’d have something to complain about.
iS:  Plans for The Riot in the near future? (finishing up recording 2nd album?)
Riot:  We plan on finishing up our second album by the summer and then touring.  About a year of touring.
iS:  Acoustic or Electric?
Paul: Electric, because of the sounds you can make with it that an acoustic cannot
iS:  Small venue or large venue?
Ryan/Ryno/Brad: Crowded small venue over an empty large venue
Paul: Haha I’d go for the crowded large venue.  That’d be nice.
iS:  Hometown show or on the road?
Riot:  On the road. Now don’t get us wrong, we love our hometown fans, but it’s just exciting to be able to be out there, promoting our music.
iS:  Stuck in a closet with…Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber?
Paul: Is Lady GaGa a woman?  Yeah Lady GaGa if she is.
Ryan: What’s a Bieber?
iS:  Favorite brand guitar?
Paul: Fender.
Ryan:  I’m a Gibson guy.  Though I do own two Ibanez guitars.

For more information on The Riot check out these sites:
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