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Rising Star: Collin McLoughlin

iSocialite loves educating all of our readers about upcoming artists who we feel have superstar potential. It wont be long till we see this guy everywhere. Introducing.. Collin McLoughlin.
Interview by Priya Chhetri
iS: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I'm 23, have been doing music since I was in high school.  I started doing acoustic, singer, songwriter stuff and met up with some kids at Colgate doing urban music.  After writing hooks for them for a bit I became a full-fledged member of that band, called Nautical Young.  Now I’m pursuing a solo career as a singer.   
iS: How would you classify the genre of your music? 

Electro soul.  I do a lot of R&B, laid back type music but I also really love high-energy electronic stuff.  My upcoming project is going to have a healthy dose of both, so I call the genre electro soul. 

 iS: Who are some of your music inspirations? 
I've been inspired by so many different musicians. Clearly R&B legends like Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, D'Angelo recently (just re-listened to Black Sugar, such fire!) and of my all time favorites Seal.  Beyond them I really love the killer electro singers, I think Chris Willis might be the best male singer in modern music right now along with Cee Lo. There's too many to really list here but that’s a small dose. 

iS: How was it opening for Lupe Fiasco and how did it happen? 

The group I was in at Colgate, Nautical Young, won a battle of the bands to secure the opener slot for his show at our school.  It was our second concert ever, and it was really that concert that made me realize I had to pursue being a performer to quench that insatiable feeling I had on stage singing for all those people.  Lupe is one of my favorite rappers so to have the opportunity to open for him was awesome.

iS: You’ve worked with some highly qualified artists such, as Kinetics, how was your experience? 

Those guys are awesome, we made a few records, which should be coming out soon and have some other ones on the way I’m excited about.  I've also been doing a lot of songwriting and demos for other artists, I wrote a song last week with Polina (she wrote the melody and sang on Kaskade's "Human Reactor," and also co-wrote the new Sean Kingston single with Stargate and Sandy Vee), which is pretty awesome also.  I really enjoy working with other people when making music, since I think the best ideas come out of collaboration so long as everyone is talented and motivated. 

 iS: What might be some of your fears as an artist?

The biggest fear is that I wont ever be able to obtain the type of success I feel I can.  I have huge expectations but I always try to tell myself I really only want to make a living doing music, so long as I can do that I’ll be happy.  Millions of dollars or fame isn't really something I worry about too much, if it happens it happens!  

iS: You’re debuting your solo album with Jason Goldstein; tell us a little bit about the album.
I met Jason through a friend of mine who had helped me in the last few years get myself organized, he's extremely talented (engineered for Beyonce albums, the Roots, Jay Z, Kanye West to name a few) and I have a good time working with him.  The album will, like I said, express the two sides of my musical endeavors, the more r&b smooth side and the harder more gritty electro.  Some songs are combinations of the two, but I'm really excited to see how the fans react to it.  It really has something for everybody, and I'm proud of the work I've put into it. 

iS: How would you define the music industry as a business? 

A warzone.  There's a lot of uncertainty and pessimism in the industry right now with falling album sales and reduced tour revenue, combined with a series of highly publicized label issues with guys like Lupe, Rock City and Saigon recently.  People always need music though, and I think if I can make music that people enjoy i'll be fine.  The glass is always half full rather than half empty as my dad always says, and I think that’s the best way to view the music industry and life in general.   

iS: What makes you different from other artists and their music? 

I have a voice that's unique, that I think fits well over a variety of styles.  One of the cool things about that is people always know its me if I’m singing, and my voice sounds different enough that I don’t get thrown into the mix of a lot of pop / r&b singers who really sound fairly similar vocally.  I love all types of music really and I think that has helped define me as a songwriter and performer.  Writing all my own lyrics and melodies also is more rare than you'd expect in the music industry, so that helps as well. 

iS: Finally, when does the album come out?
Soon!  No total date yet, I’m waiting on a few more mixes etc. 

If you want to listen to an artist who has the talent, the voice and the ability to draw you into his attention, Collin McLoughlin is definitely the way to go. Let’s all support by being his fan on facebook www.facebook.com/collinmcloughlinmusic and follow him on twitter @mcloughlinmusic and check out his website www.collinmcloughlin.com to hear some of music, you wont be disappointed. 

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