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The Road to Finally Famous: Day #1

Where is this Guy?!

The Introduction: I was pretty excited to meet the masterminds behind the Big Sean concert coming to Philly April 14th. iSocialite photographer, Ajon Brodie and I met up with a guy named Anthony and his friend Dannie to discuss iSocialite's involvement in the tour. These guys are characters, to say the least. During the ride, in a snazzy red mustang, to Temple University, we talked to Anthony about the tour and how he came up with the idea. His response? "When people ask me why I decided to throw a Big Sean concert I tell them that I just woke up one day and said 'I wanna throw a Big Sean concert, durr'; there was no process."
Simple enough. He talked about how he has probably only had about 4 hours of sleep in the past 5 days. My thoughts? Life in the fast lane. B-) One thing i got to learn about this guy is he has no mouth-filter..meaning he says what he wants to say. The other guy in the car, Dannie Phantom, is one of the openers for the concert. Cool guy. He talked about his love for music and his aspirations and gave me a CD (dope! look out for a feature on the site). We got to Temple and met up with a guy by the name of Brady a.k.a. DJ SYLO. He was Djing a weekly event at the university; very cool, laid back guy. He's also DJing the Big Sean concert. After that, we went to a crazy (as in the people, lol.) house party in the area where I ran into my friend Fatima! Dannie went to promote the concert. The DJ was actually the other opener for the concert, Paris Artelli. He also was promoting the concert at the party. We only stayed for a little way because Anthony 'doesn't do house parties'. Generally, he's a wild guy, but he gets it done. He told us about his approach to getting the concert together and he said he's a bully...I can see it. The concert was under production for roughly 5 or 6 months, which in my opinion, was a fairly short time-span to put together an event like this. Kudos to them for being speedy! Philly definitely needs an event like this. We were on our way back to Drexel until we decided to grab something to eat. We semi-decided on going to a diner on Penn's campus. We sat outside debating on whether or not we wanted to go in and ended up having some pretty interesting discussions. Anthony went to school down South so he was telling Ajon and I about his experiences and how down South differs from the North. Ajon was falling asleep (as usual), but i found the differences interesting. He also told us about how he doesn't like people touching him. Which was pretty funny to me. He said when girls asked him for hugs he would respond "I don't know you." After talking about random things, Ajon proposed the idea that iSocialite should blog about the days leading up the concert, as sort of a "Road To...blog series". Anthony was game, and the idea sounded chill to me and here we are! We never ate though..but that pretty much concludes the introduction to Anthony..this guy deserves an introduction because he's rather unique..in a good way though.

Day #1 (officially): So the day before Anthony said he was going to be back in Philly by 11:30AM and we were going to spend the day together as he prepares and gets things settled for the concert. So i wait..and i wait...and i wait..all the while Anthony is texting me randomly or whenever i text him, "I'm on my way"...my response.."True." Next thing I know it's 12AM and Anthony is just telling me that he's outside. For real though? 12 hours late? I can't even fathom where they do that at. But it was cool. Ajon ditched me for his bed and I just so happened to of had made plans with Fatima so she came along. We hopped in the car and Anthony attempted to give me his reasons for being late which included getting plane tickets for Big Sean and his crew, falling asleep while sitting down, faxing Big Sean's rider, working on the after-party for the concert, and some how doing all that took up 12 hours of time. And for the next 10 minutes or so, every other word Anthony said was "bunz"...don't ask. Also in the car was fellow blogger, Travis, for hiphopsheartbeats.com. We all talked about "Winning" and how you can't win all of the time but you should be winning "majority of the time". Nice quote to live by. We then somehow got on the topic on everyone's 'Moment 4 Life'. Anthony named a few. The first one he said was how a girl that he liked randomly kissed him (story went something like that). He talked about a meeting him and Travis had with Atlantic Records about a concert. He said just the fact that they were there was a moment for him (even though they both are well-connected in the music industry). He also talked about with him being 21 years old, having the contract for the Big Sean concert was a moment for him. The hardest part about planning the concert, Anthony said, was the fact that it was stressful and some people wanted to quit working on it. Some people didn't believe he could do it and that was something that was hard to deal with as well. He also talked about how this wasn't the first concert he tried to put together, his only problem in the past was people not believing he could do it. So after this, he said that we would go to breakfast in the morning 11:30AM again..-__- He eventually arrived..at 3PM. There wasn't really much of a reason for him being late again. He said he's usually early or late. Fair enough, i guess. While on our way downtown he made a few phone calls regarding the concert. One of the including a call to Big Sean's manager about plane tickets and a special project i'll be posting soon ;] We got downtown and decided we weren't going to iHop anymore since it was too late in the afternoon and went to Johnny Rockets. We stopped at the HipHop DX store near South Street to drop of some fliers. The guys inside were pretty cool and I honestly didn't know that store was there, although I am a fan of the site. So we got to Johnny's and started talking about how Anthony chose different aspects of the concert. The venue for starters. I asked him why he chose Starlight Ballroom and he simply replied it was the only venue that wasn't controlled by Live Nation. Having an event at a Live Nation venue would mean that they would make money off the concert as well. It's all business. Even with the radio stations..but I won't get into that. Anthony talked about what he plans to do after the concert (besides going on the Diddy-Dirty Money Tour), he said he doesn't really want to buy anything but maybe get his tattoo finished. Tomorrow Anthony and the crew will be on campus promoting..this concludes day #1 of the Road to Finally Famous..

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