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92.3 Now's One Night Stand Concert at Hammerstein Ballroom

On Friday, May 21st, the Hammerstein Ballroom was filled with loyal fans of the whopping 6 artists that were scheduled to perform that night! Wow, if anyone knows how to throw a party, it's definitely 92.3 Now.

Nick Cannon, who also hosts a morning radio show on 92.3 Now, was the host for the concert and did an excellent job at using his humor and trademark charisma to get the crowd excited for the event that was sure to knock them off of their feet.

"Are you guys ready?", Cannon asked an already excited crowd, "we're about to party like it's the end of the world!"

While Nick was explaining to the crowd the night's events, an obnoxious sound of a baby crying kept interrupting him, urging him to go backstage for a few seconds to calm the noise. After roughly three interruptions, Cannon said, while backstage, "No, I can't take them on stage with me [..] oh, well okay." Nick Cannon then brought out two fake twin babies. After the crowd got a kick out of Nick's joke, he then asked if everyone wanted to meet the mother of his kids. The ballroom roared as a Mariah Carey look-a-like walked on to the stage fooling everyone into believing that it was really THE Mariah Carey. Cannon then laughed and threw his "babies" into the crowd, jokingly saying , "This is probably gonna end up on TMZ."

This was only the very beginning of the night.

Before each artist performed, Southern Sarah Lee and Lisa Paige from 93.2 Now went backstage and talked to each artist; a video was shown on the jumboscreen. The first artist was Jay Sean. His sultry English accent set the souls of the ladies in attendance on fire; the audience was screaming before he even hit the stage. When he did hit the stage however, ear plugs would have done little to nothing to help stop the screaming from reaching everyone's eardrums. He performed many of his fan favorites including, "2010," "Do You Remember," and "Down." Sean did an excellent job at getting the audience involved with his set. At one point, he took out his iPhone and told the audience that they were about to be apart of history. His plans were to video record the audience as he was performing so he could look back at the performance years from now. The energy level sky rocketed!

Mike Posner was up next! His set was crazy! He opened up with his hit "Please Don't Go." He also performed "Bow Chicka Wow Wow,: an excellent cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", and "Cooler Than Me," which had the crowd singing along (more like yelling). At one point during his set, he brought out a drum and when he began to play it, glitter started flying every where! A memorable way to end his set! 

The following performer was Jeremih! He opened up his set with "Imma Star"and "Break Up". Jeremih then got behind the keys (piano keys, that is) and began to serenade the ladies with a cover of "Lovers and Friends" by Lil' John & Usher. Of course, his set would not have been complete without performing the song that made him a star, Birthday Sex, but the question was, who could he sing the song to? Jeremih then asked the audience who had a birthday that was in attendance; many screamed but only one was chosen. The ecstatic fan jumped on Jeremih as soon as she got on stage. He then asked Aimen Rahman, from Rutgers University, to sit on his lap while he played and sang "Birthday Sex" on the piano. Jeremih ended his set with his latest song, "Down on Me" which featured 50 Cent.


The New Boyz hit the stage next! They attacked the stage with so much energy it was hard to get a good picture of them! They were dancing and having a great time on stage which got the crowd into a party mood. They opened up with "Crickets" off their first album, Skinny Jeans and a Mic. The next song was I Don't Care from their recently released album, Too Cool to Care, which features Big Sean. They also performed "Crush on You" and "Backseat" from their sophomore album. Of course they saved the fan favorites for last, performing "You're A Jerk," and "Tie Me Down." Their performance of You're A Jerk found Legacy, Ben J and Tevin (New Boyz friend & hypeman) jerking and rejecting throughout the whole performance. They definitely got the crowd pumped up for the next performer!

Roses, Champagne, and Money. Three words to describe the next headliner's setlist. Flo-Rida was up next and he gave the crowd a show they'll never forget. Flo-Rida is known for his dance/party/club hits, so it comes as no surprise that he had the crowd dancing from start to finish. He performed a number of his hits including "Who Dat Girl," which features Akon, Turn Around, and Right 'Round which features pop sensation Ke$ha. Flo-Rida then called up many girls to the stage to dance to "Low" which features T-Pain. By the end of his set, Flo-Rida had given out money, roses, sprayed champagne on the audience, gave away his autographed Jordan sneakers, and let a young man from the crowd wear his chain (that looked extremely heavy, by the way). This guy was definitely a winner!

Last by definitely not least was the concert headliner, T-PAIN! His dancers came out first, followed by T-Pain with this decked out microphone. The song he opened up with was Good Life which features Kanye West. The crowd went crazy! T-Pain is known for his up-tempo hits, so the crowd was just screaming and partying the night away! Other songs he performed included, Buy You a Drink and his remix to several songs including: Drop it Low, No Hands, Make it Rain, G6, and Black and Yellow in some sort of amazing melody setlist. It was epic. He closed out his set with Bartender (featuring Akon), Best Love Song (amazing song!), Go Head, and Welcome to My Hood. T-Pain's set was full of incredible dancing! So incredible, that you weren't sure if you should watch T-Pain or his dancers. Everyone on stage had incredible moves. T-Pain closed out his set with "All I Do is Win" while he took his bows and walked of the stage. Just mindblowing!

Bottomline is, 92.3 Now knows how to throw a party! This concert was one for the records.
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