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Sorry Ladies: Bow Wow is Officially a FATHER

 UPDATE: The results are in!

Bow Wow is officially a baby daddy. His former girlfriend Joie Chavis gave birth to a little girl, Shai Moss. Joie had an emergency c-section due to complications.

According to MTO, Bow Wow has privately accepted paternity (pending a blood test) and he even agreed to go to the hospital for the birth. But due to the emergency didn’t make it.

Let's see what the results will be..
Props MTO.

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  1. Does bow wow said that in a video or a radio interview? No, then this hole thing is not true. Because non of them ever said that. I want to hear it with my own ears. Bow wow didn't mention that at himself so i don't believe it. MTO can talk what the want. I want to know were MTO get this information from.... From bow wow or miss joie? No, than is not true. Did miss joie ever said that?