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Flashing. Lights: Charlie Mack Fashion Show Recap

 As the Charlie Mack Celebrity Weekend came to an end, the last event held was the Charlie Mack Highly Fashionated Fashion Show hosted by Lisa Raye McCoy. The show was very good and well put together. All fashion designs were different, fashion forward, and very eye catching.
By: Jae L.
Starting off with a dance number and a rap performance, the beautiful Lisa Raye was introduced on stage by two of male models from Debonaire Model Group. As the crowd went crazy for her, she did a very good job hosting the show. Lisa Raye is a very down-to-earth woman; the way you see her on TV is how you see her in person.

The first designer in the show was none other than Lisa Raye's own Lisa Raye Collection with jewelry by Tracey Lynn Jewelry. Her line consisted of....you guessed it....white jeans that was shown in regular everyday casual wear, nightlife wear, and stylish destroyed styles. Following her line were designs by Status Shop and the DNTN Brand, beautiful African attire, Camouflage Concept, and my favorite....Joy C. Whimsical. Whimsical had beautiful, fun, poofy dresses for little girls and those little girls WORKED the stage. They did an encore when Charlie Mack arrived.

Following that was designs by Mai Jing Wong with jewelry by Dave Bail. Their bold black and white designs with bleached denim cut ups were one of my favorites. I also disovered my model crush during this scene too (hehehe..) Another artist by the name of Jasmine peformed and the show continued with more innovative styles by Astronaut, Paper Planes, Latoya Michelle, David Segal, Dusk to Dawn, Cha Cha N'Kole, Dezign Your Identity, and ended with the great renaissance designs of House of Ra'Oof. I love House of Ra'Oof because the designer, Tajii, takes on a journey with the lifestyle of the fashion-forward working man. His styles are for men who have that 1960's taste and likes to bring his own 2011 style to it.

Some of my favorite moments of the show was when, comedian Affion Crockett got on stage and did an impromptu performance of his Jay-Z and Drake impersonations. He performed two songs and had the whole crowd in TEARS from laughing so hard and singing the lyrics. Lisa Raye also gave the crowd a taste of her dance skills when DJ Ricochet played Juvenile's "Back That Thing Up". And Kendra G.....all I'm going to say is, I finally got to see her infamous dance numbers.....TEARS.

All in all, The Charlie Mack Fashion Show was a success. It was very entertaining, the models were awesome, the designs were fierce, and DJ Ricochet and Lisa Raye did their thing.

Check out pics of some of design favorites below :-)

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