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New Music: Lucid - Beautiful Day (Prod. by Charles Hamilton) Plus Full Mixtape!

Here it is! The Ultimate Alliance mixtape from Lucid & Charles Hamilton in full! The entire collection was produced by Mr. Charles Hamilton. This tape marks Lucid's fourth official mixtape (1. DSMN: Official Mixtape, 2. The Arrival, 3. Collegekid Sean)

iSocialite x Super Hadouken been releasing all ten tracks on a weekly basis for & here's the final product with correct track order and track descriptions.

Words from Lucid:

I ask that you listen to the tape first, then listen to it again after reading the thought process and meanings behind each track. This tape tells a story so pay attention.

Take a look at the track descriptions after the jump! Congratulations to Lucid on an amazing project! It was a pleasure being apart of it!


1. You're a Star (Intro)

This track introduces you to the new Lucid. He's way better since the last mixtape. In fact, he's a different person, a better person. He feels as if he's a star at this point. This track is just something slight that's telling you that there are wayyy better things coming. He's not trying to brag, he's just confident...

2. Move

This track gives a little look into the Goodfellas lifestyle. You met Lucid. Now its time for you to meet the team. We party; Bottom line. No ifs ands or buts about it. If you're not gonna grab that girl, we are. When we come through everybody better be dancing and coming in we make it our mission to be on everything. You have no choice but to take us for what we are. The white boys love us, our black friends love us and chances are, your bitch loves us. If she trying to come home, who are we to deny her lol? And just so there is no confusion, everything said in this song is 100% true! We trek from party to party and make them pop! Mac got the bud, Lyles got the liquor and Key got the bitches. We all on our jobs. Point, blank, period...

3. Crunch Time

Crunch Time is the small increment of time between the last call and the time when the party is over. Everyone is making that last second scramble to find something to take home. You're scoping for that one who's gonna spend the night with you. It's like a last second shot. You have to make it or you taste defeat. Every dude goes through it and if you pull it out at the end, you feel like that much more of a G lol. You cant even hate it because it's all a part of the hunt plus it makes things very interesting!

4. Gone Wallace (The 151 Song)

This is the part of the night where shit gets real. You know you drank too much, ya mans drank too much and ya'll are out in the world drawlin' hardddd! Ya'll being reckless, fighting people, punching shit, throwing up, and getting in trouble with law. Basically "Come get ya mans!" lol. Joey rolled up too much bud, Lyles supplied too much liquor and Key made too many drinks. The hardness of the week got the chicks acting out and the dudes up to no good. We really drinking 151 like its water. Again everything on this track is truueeee! Its a shame because we used to do this every weekend...

5. Lover's Interlude

It doesn't happen a lot, but every once in a while, a lucky bastard finds someone worth keeping while on the hunt. It's possible.. Sometimes you meet someone who is worth more than the fuck and duck. She's a keeper and when you see her, sparks fly. It's not love yet but it definitely could one day be. Since this is such a rare occurrence, it deserves its own little interlude and to all the chicks that are worth way more than the one night stand, we had to take a break from scheduled programing to pay homage to you, wherever you are...

6. My Muse

You spend some time with this special lady (and I do mean time lol) and you realize that this may be the chick that you've been thinking about your whole life. She could possibly be the one. You're not completely sure but she's good enough to take that risk and put yourself out there for. I mean she puts up with your bullshit and she accepts you for what you are. She's a girl you can trust, but she still got a little freak in her. You can take her out and be proud that you have her on your arm. When you're with her, you're not thinking about any other chicks. You're satisfied with her AND she bad!! She recognizes the hustle and she has one of her own. She does her, you do you and sometimes you do each other. "Ya'll the shit like the septic and she's the Coke to your Pepsi." She inspires you to be all you can. Fuck everybody on the outs, That's ya bitch!..

7. What I Need

In every relationships there are hardships. Sometimes you let the outside bullshit affect the inside. Even though you know ya'll have come too far for all that, we are all human and we make mistakes. The bottom line is, don't let the public destroy a good relationship. While you're trying to achieve, you can forget what's truly important. Don't let the world fuck up your priorities. Don't let the hate break you down, but use it to build you up. You may have an addiction to the limelight but you should wait until you're truly ready for that much pressure. Until then, you should focus on self growth and growing with your partner. In the end you'll realize that the public is not what you need....

8. My Heart

Despite all the bullshit, you should emerge as an individual. You shouldn't let the public turn you into something that you're not. Let them copy your style, don't copy there's. Respect the trendsetters not those who follow said trends. They can't hate you for being yourself. If they do, you don't fucking need them. Fuck 'em. Get ya own style. There's a place in my heart for one who's not afraid to be their own person..

9. Beautiful Day

This track in an eggshell, "people are blind". People are Stevie out here nowadays. There is so much talent in the world that is overlooked. Why? So we can glorify the people who do it for the money and then have the nerve to exclaim, that the art is dead?! Music, movies, hell, art in general is in jeopardy of dying because people overlook and ignore true talent for big names. You can be the best and still not have an opportunity to shine. I'm not saying that I'm the one of which this song is speaking of but if not me, I know hundreds of people who should be in more prominent positions and who would be in these positions if people recognized skill, talent, drive, etc.

All these people swear they do this, that, and the other but in real life they aren't even half as talented as these people with very little opportunity. Half these dudes out couldn't hold me or my affiliates. Maybe my shit is over your heads or I'm not a big enough name. It doesn't even matter. I dare to be different and refuse to reform even if the movers and shakers are in hibernation. Its enough to drive a man crazy but you can't let it. Keep doing you. Opportunity isn't gonna be given to you. You have to take it. Art is in jeopardy of dying and with all these decision makers walking around blind to this fact, you would swear it were a beautiful day out...

10. The Fool

This is the "I told you so track." After all the dust is settled, you made it through everything, you've overcome the obstacles that the world has laid before you and now you're towering over the non believers. Now they look dumb. They didn't believe in you, yet you succeeded. Even though they didn't think you would succeed, you knew you would. And because you're not established you're put on a pedestal and judged more harshly than the more established. One is faced with a dilemma: should you change yourself to be accepted? Not at all. You come to the conclusion that you're the shit and always have been. They may not know it now but they will. They listen but they don't accept you yet and when you overcome you think to yourself "I tried to tell 'em but they didn't wanna listen to me". In retrospect, maybe they should have raised their standards.

Now is the time when you're loved by everyone; believers and disbelievers alike. They look like fools now because they didn't believe and you made it out. In your success, you made fools out of everyone..

For more information on Lucid, head over to his site. Also be sure to follow him on twitter! @MrHadouken
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