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‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Call Out Abercrombie & Fitch For Offering to Pay Them to Stop Wearing the Brand

Seems like Mike may have gotten himself into his own little situation. Early today, it was announced that Abercrombie & Fitch was willing to pay Mike and/or the rest of the Jersey Shore cast to stop wearing their clothes. Are they crazy!? Abercrombie said the Jersey Shore series is “contrary to the aspirational nature of the brand.” Mike & Pauly D took to their twitter accounts to mention the matter.

The "situation" that Mike is referring to the fact that the brand's stock had dipped by 9%! Ouch.
Pauly D commented on the fact that A&F had been previously selling shirts with the Jersey Shore cast’s famous catch phrase – GTL – gym, tan, and laundry. Interesting.. clearly they must have forgot about the Jay-Z/Cristal boycott. Thanks to Hov, i bet you guys completely forgot that Cristal even existed, and was extremely popular at one time.

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