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Top 5 Reasons Why Jada Pinkett Dumped Will Smith by Nova Giovanni

 Hello, loyal reader. I know what some of you are thinking already. “How does Nova Giovanni know whether Jada broke up with Will or the other way around?” Well, NOVA KNOWS. Now, you’ll know.

He gave his heart to another woman in the movie, 7 Pounds. She got jealous. Women don’t like their significant other offering other females more than they offer THEM. Will didn’t give Jada his heart, and she never got over it.


Will Smith NEVER defended Jada Pinkett’s honor, making him seem weak in her eyes. After filming Karate Kid, Jaden Smith (son) had all the training he needed to beat Will’s ass and become the man of the house. That was the plan all along.
Jada broke up with Will because HE introduced the idea of an open relationship. Everyone knew their marriage was bound to fail because of that. Black women don’t even like sharing hair care products, let alone their men!
Jada dumped Will because he recorded those HORRIBLE music videos for “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and “Welcome To Miami.” I STILL haven’t forgiven him for that. We all would have rather seen anything OTHER than Will Smith dancing in the videos like P. Diddy with scoliosis.


***drum roll***

Because she is a WHORE!!!! Come on, why else would she accept an open relationship? SO SHE COULD JUSTIFY SLEEPING WITH MULTIPLE MEN AT A TIME!!! DUH!!! Hey, WILL!!! You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! Don’t be upset, look at this as your INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!
I Love You, (Especially you, Jada. If you’re reading this call me, or text, e-mail, tweet, Facebook poke… whatever! <3 )

Nova Giovanni

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