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Lil Boosie Reaches Out To 'Beyond Scared Straight' Teen to Make A Difference

 Incarcerated rapper Lil' Boosie has reached out to a young man who said he was influenced by him on A&E's TV series “Beyond Scared Straight.”

The boy, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, was taken to the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, during a scene that was featured during the opening episode of the second season of "Beyond Scared Straight," which premiered in August.
When the teen was approached by several guards who asked why he was continuously in and out of trouble, the boy replied that he was influenced by his favorite rapper, Lil' Boosie.

The teen's reply drew outrage from the guards, but Lil Boosie himself found no humor in the situation and decided to take action.

The rapper, who is incarcerated in Angola State Prison and facing the death penalty over a first-degree murder charge, decided to write a letter to Alex.

Lil Boosie's first cousin "AKA Donkey" read a letter that the incarcerated rapper wrote to Alex and other fans who view him as a role model.

“Alex I was told that you said you were smoking and misbehaving because I smoke," Lil Boosie wrote to the teen. "Well you can be better than me. You don't want a marijuana addiction because it leads to trouble as you can see. Look at me I've been imprisoned 2 years for smoking marijuana. Was it worth it? Hell no. When you are imprisoned your away from everything that you love and that's a hurting feeling."

Lil Boosie explained that most of his friends were dead or in jail. He also warned Alex to choose his friends wisely.

“Look at your role model. I'm facing the death penalty because my friends lied on me," Lil Boosie said. "I was told you have a mother and father who are trying their best to help you. That's a blessing because most kids who are on the path that you are on don't have that.”

According to Alex's mother, since her son has spoken to Boosie's cousin Donkey and read the letter himself, he has been staying out of trouble. She also said that Alex seems more positive and goal oriented.

The outreach to Alex was initiated by the “U Hatin'?” University's "Truth Campaign," where rap artists explain the difference between the messages in their music, and the messages they deliver to their own children.

For more information on the “U Hatin?" Campaign click here.

Check out the letter Lil Boosie wrote below:

via allhiphop.com

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