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So Drake isn't Allowed to take Phonte's Phone Calls?

So Phonte was interviewed after Drake dedicated his BMI Award to him. When asked if a Drake x Phonte collab was in the future, he said:
“To my knowledge, it’s not happening. We’ve made contact with each other but all of my attempts to make something real happen have led to a dead end,” he said. “I saw that he dedicated his BMI award to me and while that was a very noble and thoughtful gesture, I’d much rather he had dedicated himself to finishing a verse for one of me and 9th’s songs. That, to me, seems like a more tangible way of showing gratitude. But with that said, I’m still a fan and I think he’s an incredibly talented artist. When Take Care drops, he’s got my money.”
But now, via hearsay, someone who knows someone who knows Drake (-__-) wrote into AllHipHop Rumors to explain why Phonte won't be on the new Drake album.
I grew up with Aubrey Graham out here before he went got his role on Degrassi and turned into Jimmy Brooks and then got fake shot and turned into Wheelchair Jimmy, and then signed with Wayne and turned into Drizzy Drake. Anyways, homeboy was back in town this weekend visiting his moms and my homie Joe Duckett who also went to Forest Hill Collegiate with us got invited to a party at another mutual friend's crib.


Then we start talkin bout hip hop and Duckett brings up the Phonte s**t from last week (mother f***er's a huge LB fan)... So Aubrey starts saying how Wayne told him not to do the collabo with Phonte or 9th and that he's basically on a gag order. People started asking if the order came down from Birdman but he wouldn't confirm or deny. So I say that shit's pretty foul and Aubrey agrees whole heartedly. Really shocked me, man. Shebib (40) was in the crib too and he starts saying that he had some sick co-production on a joint 9th wonder gave to them and my man was saying he had the dopest rhymes and just wished he could use them but he's just not allowed. He said people are tryna protect his image and keep him commercial... and that backpack s**taint sellin no more.
Hm. I wouldn't be surprised if this is true. We all see what Wayne is doing to his image..and clearly it's working if he's selling 1Milli in 2 weeks.

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