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iSocialite Presents: Steven Christopher

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Steven Christopher, an up and coming singer/songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. 

After moving to Atlanta, Christopher, at the tender age of 22, began building a name for himself  and caught the attention of, then up and coming, producer, Shama "Sak Pase" Joseph (Rihanna "Man Down", Jay-Z & Kanye West "Who Gon Stop Me"). 
"Sham was the first producer I ever had a in-studio writing session with; before that I'd just write at home and bring the song in to demo. I was scared as shit but somehow we made the biggest song I think I've ever written and it kept going, song after song. He and I developed this crazy musical chemistry and he became a mentor to me like a big brother. Sham was the first person I went to when i decided to start workin' on my own music."

Now, two years later, Steven Christopher has released his first solo project HeartbreakSexDreams, a 12 song EP Co-Executive Produced by Shama "Sak Pase" Joseph. This project is PURE GOLD.
"Its pretty much my take on love and relationships. I wrote every song beginning to end, based on real personal experiences so it's almost painfully honest. Once people get pass the beats and melodies they're like 'Damn this shit is deep, I been through the same thing!' I think everybody's been at a point where a relationship's driven them to drink a time or two!"
Steven Christopher - Better (Official Music Video)

If you like the track above, PLEASE check out his official EP, HeartbreakSexDreams. It's one of the best R&B compilations I've heard since Terius Nash's 1977.

HeartBreakSexDreams is a project that you can listen to straight through. I would run-down a list of my favorite songs, but all of them are favorites; even the interludes! There hasn't been too many fresh R&B projects lately. I recommend you download this now. It may just replace Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, or The-Dream's latest projects in your iTunes Top 25 Most Played Songs.

Check out a few track snippets from HeartbreakSexDreams

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