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New Music: Gone Wallace - Planet Vegeta

Yo, cuzzos! The wait is over. The newest track from Gone Wallace, Planet Vegeta, has finally dropped! This makes the second single from the upcoming project, The Parnassus!

Listen after the jump!

Thought process behind the track:

It's a parallel between the changes that DBZ character, Vegeta had to go through and changes that say a normal human being would have to go through.

Growing up, Vegeta was raised a certain way and was promised that he would live a particular way of life. However when his planet is destroyed and he is forced to live amongst humans on Earth, that way of life that he was used to vanishes. So he must cope with change the same way a real person would. He must adapt, even though he is reluctant to.

The first verse is an introduction to said way of life that he is used to and it slowly turns into him cursing the changes that he must go through. "Everything has changed and it hurts, I'm used to having things how they were.."

The second verse is him in the midst of said change. He's not responding to it particularly well. He feels like he should be in a completely different place in this point of his life. He feels like he should be better... "I used to be your prince turned king, but instead I'm a jester in your court, poor me.."

Finally, the third verse is him coming to terms with the change and focusing on the positive things that he still has. Going back to the soundbite in the beginning. Vegeta finally admits that Goku is the better fighter, even though it pains him to say so. But if he truly thinks about the positive things that he has, he would realize that he has a wife and son that love him and he has a more loving a stable environment on Earth than he did on Planet Vegeta. In fact, his son saves the world at one point in time, thus making his presence essential to the human race.

The bottom line is, even though we may be reluctant to accept change, it will prove to make us stronger once we are forced to adapt and make the best of it... enjoy...

Planet Vegeta by Gone Wallace

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