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Event Recap: FBH Philly Fashion Week "Couture Runway Show" 2012

The highlight of FBH Philly Fashion Week is always the Couture Runway Show. Designers go all out! Filled with radiant colors and exquisite designs, Cory Couture, Sherry Michelle, the Must Paris Collection of Lebanon and all of the other designers put on an excellent show! 

Sherry Michelle
I really wish I would have gotten the chance to email her to find out her inspiration for her designs. It reminded me of a Marie-Antoinette meets Summertime in Paris look. Soft and nude colors, with satin fabrics made for a beautiful look.

Lillie Designs
These designs will definitely appeal to someone who's fashion-forward. I loved the color-blocking of the mustard-yellow and blue. Normally I wouldn't wear those colors together, but Lillie Designs made it look very desirable.
Todd Anthony
Loved Todd Anthony! Her designs were clean-cut and classy. She had designs for every occasion, ranging from a night out to a lunch a date. Very versatile. (I WANT THE OUTFIT IN THE LAST PHOTO.)

Irina Sigal
Metallic. Glitter. Sparkles! Irina Sigal's line was extremely fun and filled with fun patterns. Some of the designs did come off as too "fabricy"to me. Lacking design and just looking like a lot of fabric. I think that's the tricky thing with making designs out of patterned fabrics. In total, her line had a lot of beautiful pieces. The line seemed to be inspired by the 30's or 40's.

The colors in these designs were definitely show-stopper material. The bright reds (being my favorite color) were beautiful! Some of the designs were slightly eerie, gothic, but still fashion! The personality of the designers really gave the crowd a truly unique line. I personally loved the designs towards the end, gorgeous and flowy! Seems like we got a two-in-one deal here!

Carmelita Couture
Big fan of Carmelita Couture! Her line had a Pocahontas meets Lion King feel to me. It was so beautiful. Bright oranges, with eye-popping designs and prints. Every time one of the models turned, I was at the edge of my seat to see what extravagant design will be featured on the back. Loved it!

Veronica Couture
These gowns were so gorgeous. I'm almost positive that if anyone in the audience was planning a wedding, the first the thing they did was return their dress and contact this designer! To be honest, I'd buy one just to save in my closet. The designs were so timeless and elegant. The crowd was in awe.

Must Paris Collection of Lebanon
Just wow! The gowns in this line were to die for! Had an Egyptian-feel to me. Just breathtaking. The champagne color scheme made the gowns seem perfect for any occasion. All of the photos below are gowns that I need.

Cory Couture
Call me biased, but Cory Couture was the HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! Just beautiful designs, fabrics, colors, everything! Cory is none for his exquisite patterns and textiles. I feel as though he's the only one that pull a lot of just random designs together and make them into something so beautiful that it'll leave anyone speechless and amazed.

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