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Did We Witness the End of Mobb Deep via Tweet?

 WHAT IN THE WORLD!? At first everyone thought Hav's twitter account was hacked.. but unfortunately, he got back on to confirm that he wasn't hacked. This is too crazy. Apparently, (and don't quote me), but I'm thinking Hav may have heard some rumors about Prodigy's time in jail.. more specifically having to do with him being homosexual. There's so many different ways this could have been addressed...Twitter was definitely not the way to go. I woulda felt better if Havoc just released a diss track.. and didn't tweet anything. All he had to do was a post a Hulkshare link, and that's it. Sign outta twitter, delete the app, WHATEVER. But, to me, they've been in the game way too long to be talkin' trash on twitter. Then it seemed even more wack cuz Prodigy hasn't responded, while Havoc is abusing the "Send Tweet" button. One-sided beefs are never fun. C'mon now...Regardless, i'm still interested in seeing how this plays out.. *pops popcorn*


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