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Video: Suge Knight: "I'm Not Conviced Tupac is Really Dead"

So since Tupac's recent appearance at Coachella via hologram, Suge Knight isn't 100 percent sure Tupac Shakur is dead, despite having been the driver of the car in which Tupac was fatally shot in 1996.

Suge reignited the controversy on a Los Angeles radio show Friday, stating that "nobody seen Tupac dead." According to him, no one saw the corpse. Knight claims he gave "three million dollars, cash" to the person who was supposed to cremate 2Pac's body and never heard from that individual again.
"Maybe the question is ... Pac's not really dead ... Pac's somewhere else," he said.

As previously mentioned, he was at the scene of Tupac's 1996 murder, a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. Coulda he just be tryna take the heat off him? Though multiple accounts maintain that Knight didn't have any involvement, a cloud of suspicion has followed him ever since. Who knows.. if you know, let us know!

Suge Knight Reignites Tupac Shakur Fake Death Rumors

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