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National HIV Testing Day: Do You Plan to Get Tested?

iSocialite wants you to know that JUNE is AIDS Education Month! According to a report distributed by the Center for Disease Control, while African Americans represented only 13.6% of the US population in 2009, they accounted for 52% of new HIV infections. Black men accounted for 70% of all infections in the African American community. Many are still under the impression that HIV/AIDS is a disease transferred only through homosexual relations however, 85% of African American women infected in 2009 were infected through heterosexual relations.

I can list facts for days, but the fact that matters most is that until you know your status, you can't receive the medical attention you need but you can spread the disease to others, propelling this epidemic. I don't frown upon anyone who is infected; I frown upon those who have yet to get tested and may possibly be spreading the disease. June 27th is National Testing Day. Know your status! 

-Nola Darling


Click HERE to get your AIDS Education Month (AEM) banner courtesy of Philadelphia FIGHT!

*Philadelphia FIGHT is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing primary care, consumer education, advocacy, and research on potential treatments and potential vaccines. www.fight.org  

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