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Photos: Chris Brown's NYC Brawl with Drake [Details]

According to TMZ, Chris Brown was involved in a crazy fight at an NYC club involving Drake. Get the full story below! We’ll update more as we get info!

According to GG, Chris sent a bottle over to Drake’s table while both were partying in NYC hotspot, WIP. Meek Mill was also there with Drake. Jessica Rosenblum, a prominent NYC party promoter, tweeted about the crazy night. Apparently a fight started shortly after Chris sent the bottle. I guess Drake didn't appreciate Chris frontin' in public. They’d already exchanged subs on Twitter in the past along with Meek Mill all over one FEMALE: Rihanna. The fight quickly got physical between Chris and Drake, and soon Drake wild out and punched Chris in the face and hit him with a bottle!
I'm not sure what Meek had to do with the fight. But as you can see from the tweet above and below, Jessica blames Meek Mill for everything, but Meek insists he ain't do it.

Of course Chris took to Twitter right after the fight to tweet about the incident and send a picture of his bloody face.He deleted the tweets but someone came thru with screencaps! HA!

 Photo of Chris Brown's body guard in the hospital after the fight.
Aside from Chris, TMZ reports 5 people were left injured from the fight. Drake is really about that life he talked about in Headlines, huh?

A witness who was inside the club tells TMZ ... Chris Brown did NOT send any bottles over to Drake's table, despite several reports to the contrary.

We're told both Brown and Drake had been hanging out in the VIP section ... when Drake began pointing and yelling at Brown.

Brown began yelling back ... and that's when members of both entourages rushed in and began shoving each other.

With tensions running high, someone threw a bottle -- which set the whole thing off ... and the shoving turned to punches. We're told club security rushed in to break up the fight ... and called police for backup. Brown and Drake left the scene by the time cops showed up ... but several members of their entourages remained at the club.  Multiple members of both crews required medical assistance. We're told the club suffered some serious damage in the fight -- including busted up tables, broken mirrors, shattered lighting and glass scratches all over the floors.
UPDATE #2: Photos of an innocent by-stander released!

TMZ spoke with Hollie C. -- a 24-year-old Australian tourist who went to club W.i.P. Wednesday night with some friends.  She was apparently hit with a stray bottle during teh altercation! 

"I immediately started to bleed and proceeded to fall in and out of consciousness."

Hollie says it took 16 stitches to close up the bloody gash. She also received a tetanus shot. Ah man! I smell a lawsuit!

Drake says he is not responsible for Chris Brown's bloody face, claiming he was leaving the nightclub when the brawl broke out. Sources are saying the fight started after Chris Brown and Meek Mill, who was at Drake's table started trash talking each other.

Apparently Meek Mill was screaming at Chris and Chris was firing right back to Meek. One of Chris' entourage was also involved in the screaming match.

They're saying the argument was NOT over Rihanna. *side eye*

One source says Meek is the one that hit Chris Brown with bottle.

A rep for Drake tells reporters ... "Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began."

The rep adds, "[Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.” 


Chris Brown has spoken with New York Police Dept. detectives about the bar fight that left a gash in his chin ... and law enforcement sources tell us his lawyer has given the NYPD "physical evidence" which allegedly shows Drake was involved in the melee.

We're told Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, went to the NYPD late today to present evidence showing that Drake and Meek Mill were the aggressors, but earlier in the day Chris spoke with Detectives at an undisclosed location in NYC. Cops tell us Chris is not currently a suspect but rather "a witness and a victim."  We're also told Drake is not currently a suspect.

On the other side, we're told Drake has been "cooperating" with authorities, but we do not know if he has spoken to cops -- it appears his representatives have had conversations with detectives.

Sources tell us ... the bad guy here may be someone in Chris' camp, who was inciting Drake and his people all night. 

via TMZ.

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