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CONTEST: Frank Ocean #ChannelOrangeGram (Win Limited Edition Channel Orange Gear!)

iSocialite has teamed up with Def Jam to present the Frank Ocean #ChannelOrangeGram Contest! Enter to win a Frank Ocean Channel Orange Prize package that will include a limited edition Channel Orange t-shirt and other cool, exclusive Channel Orange goodies! 

Contest Rules: 
Contestants must submit pictures of their Channel Orange moments with captions from the album tracklisting. You must use the #ChannelOrangeGram hashtag when Tweeting or Instagraming your photos! We will be checking! 

For Twitter use the following tweet: 

"I entered the @Frank_Ocean #ChannelOrangeGram contest via @iSocialite! For contest rules head over to iSocialiteMedia.com!" 

For Instagram or another photo sharing website use the following caption: 

"[Insert your Channel Orange track title] #ChannelOrangeGram

 The photo you post must relate to the track title! We would prefer original photos (not taken from Google).

For example, you could post a photo of you having a good time with friends with the caption "Good Life #ChannelOrangeGram"

 Any questions, tweet @jaszwhaley! Good luck! 

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