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Producer Bangladesh on Swizz Beatz: “I Don’t Think Swizz is Relevant”

Mr. Bangladesh has produced hits for the likes of Lil Wayne (“A Milli,” “6 Foot 7 Foot”), Nicki Minaj (“Did It On’em”) and Gucci Mane (“Lemonade”). Despite Swizz's face or voice popping up almost everywhere, Bangladesh doesn’t think the super-producer is relevant anymore.
While giving advice to aspiring producers for the All American Music Conference at Webster Hall in New York City on Saturday (August 4), Bangladesh told XXL that the secret to his success is always finding a way to reinvent himself. He says he does it better than most producers in the rap game—especially Swizz Beatz.
“I don’t think Swizz is relevant,” Bangladesh told XXL. “I’m keeping it 100.”

“I think there’s a difference between relevance and musical relevance,” he says. “You married a lady that’s poppin’ [Alicia Keys], you know it’ll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain’t no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you’re doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?"

“The relevance is in being youthful,” he added. “Still being in-the-know.  I have a 15 year old son so they think we’re brothers and I put him on to stuff. You know, I’m 34 but people tell me I look 23.  He still look to me for information. Usually it’s the opposite; usually the parents are lame or too old to understand or whatever. Just the way I feel, I got so much more time.”

“I be thinking about when I’m 50 and I still can make a beat,” he said. “I don’t feel like I’m old. I don’t feel like I don’t know what’s going on. I’m still fashionable. I’m still putting people onto the next thing.  So people look at me like the inspiration.”

In my opinion, when people list their favorite or most relevant producers, Swizz will beat out Bangladesh every time. Let's take a look at Swizz' recent catalog and compare it to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh (2010-2012)
Brandy - Put It Down
Rihanna - Cockiness
Lil' Wayne - 6 foot 7 foot
Nicki Minaj - Did It On Em

Swizz Beatz (2010-2012)
Nas - Summer On Smash
Jay & Kanye - Murder to Excellence & Welcome to the Jungle
Diddy Dirty Money - Ass On The Floor
Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge
Drake - Fancy

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