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The-Dream "Love IV MMXII" Album Pushed Back Again?

The-Dream's Love IV MMXII album was set to drop today, August 14th. As of now, we have yet to receive a tracklist, an album cover, or any information pertaining to the album. Def Jam's website and The-Dream's website don't have any information about it. We haven't even received a notice that it was pushed back. Did they forget about it? I didn't! I've been waiting all summer for this! Two singles (ROC & Dope B*tch) and POOF! No one talks about it anymore. No promotion, no iTunes link, nothing. I guess it's safe to assume it's been pushed back. Sorry Dream fans! I'll be sure to update once I find out more info. Until then, tweet Def Jam & Dream to find out what's going on here!

UPDATE: The Love IV MMXII, due out September 20.

UPDATE #2: Welp, September 20th passed without no updates about Love IV from Def Jam, Radio Killa, or The-Dream. I wish someone would make an official statement! When is Love IV dropping!?

UPDATE #3: Sooo instead of dropping this album, they're re-releasing '1977' commercially. Seriously. -___- Read about it here.

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