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EVENT: Ameerah K. Art Presents: GLOW (Hip-Hop Art Show)

Ameerah K. Art Presents: GLOW 
Saturday 9/29/12 
Sole II Soul Restaurant 
6139 Ridge Ave,
Philadelphia, PA 19128

We've always been a fan of Ameerah K. Art ever since we saw her painting of Wale last year during the Ambition Tour. Instead of the typical, run-of-the-mill art show, the pieces in GLOW will be presented by models and then placed to the wall for display; instead of clothes, models will be modeling artwork. Ameerah says the idea for this show came from her love of Hip-Hop and it's ever-changing evolution. She says "The GLOW theme intrigued me because I wanted to challenge myself artistically." 

GLOW is hosted by Cory Townes and will include a live performance by Selina Carerra. DJ Mike Lowry will be on the 1s & 2s. There will also be prizes, giveways, hip-hop trivia and a sit down dinner courtesy of Sole II Soul Restaurant. For the GLOW Hip-Hop Art Show, the artists Ameerah will be painting have been dividing into the groups below.

The Once Weres
Rarely do we have the pleasure of saying we were present at the peak of a lyricists career. These Hip-Hop artists have all moved on from what is arguably their best moments as rappers but that doesn’t mean our hearts have realized it’s 2012. Whether it’s a separate self-compiled playlist of their best work, or defending them in those heated “Best Of” debates, these artists have influenced Hip-Hop and remain unduplicated in the culture. 
· Queen Latifah 
· A Tribe Called Quest 
· Biz Markie 

The Here & Nows
There’s no time like the present. And these artists prove it with their music. Although their future in Hip-Hop is yet to be determined(whether it be a voluntary withdraw or a culture-imposed dismissal)one thing that is certain is that they are living in the moment. Whether you enjoy their music or not, it’s impossible not to acknowledge their presence. Their music has the “it” factor that intrigues Hip-Hop fans world-wide, for now. 
· 2 Chainz 
· Missy Elliot 
· Lupe Fiasco 

The Anticipators
Maybe it was a mixtape or a famous producer-endorsed song that first caught your ear, nevertheless they’ve got your attention now. You’ve compromised that they have minor notoriety since their lyrical delivery and concepts are unique and refreshing. They may not be threatening your personal Top 10 in Hip-Hop list just yet, but could possibly be in the running for some honorable mentions. 
· Kendrick Lamar 
· Azealia Banks 
· A$AP Rocky 

The Chameleons
They’ve passed through the years of Hip-Hop as if longevity is easily attainable. Adjusting to the times but still remain authentic to why we fell in love with them in the first place. Despite their accomplishments in Hip-Hop, fans are still excited to hear of their new projects. They’re a small elite group that can range from corner store freestyles, uplifting community tracks, and then rhyme their grittiest verses over a gentle melody. It’s not much these rappers can’t do. They constantly defy as we watch in amazement. 
· Nas 
· Mos Def/ Yasin Bey 
· Andre 3000 

Hip-Hop Is Dead
Undoubtedly Hip-Hop has suffered its loss of some lyrical genius’ in its time. These rappers have left us gems in their physical absence that many of us still savor. Unfortunately, they’re often over-looked for their contributions in Hip-Hop and usually are overshadowed in the posthumous popularity contest. 
· Heavy D 
· Big L 
· Big Pun  

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