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Fashion Spotlight: MLNY (Max Losk New York)

We here at iSocialite are all for supporting great causes! Why not be fashionable at the same time? Max Losk New York, MLNY for short, markets themselves as socially responsible clothing. Being socially responsible AND in style? We're all in!

When talking to Max Losk, you can't deny his super fun personality! Match that up with a unique product with a strong message behind it and you have pure, sparkling gold (a play on a t-shirt from MLNY that I fell in love with)!

The brand founder, Max Losk, says his personal mission is to help people fight for Equality everywhere. "MLNY apparel and accessories will help you to be come an EVERYDAY EQUALITY WARRIOR."

When asked how the MLNY brand came about, Losk told us, "Originally I started this for my graduate school Thesis project at Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. The idea stayed afloat and grew into a real thing. The direction is evolving, probably going to lean more mainstream, though still keeping the "SAY IT LOUD" slogan at its core."

To get a feel for the MLNY brand, check out Max's answers to a few questions below!

Who do you want to reach out to? 
- Young, fun and amazing party people. 

Where would they wear MLNY? 
- Not any place that's not fun! Most likely parties, clubs, going out.

Is it a luxury brand? 
- Hell no! It is for everyone, because everyone likes and have a right to have fun :)

I have to say that even though Max says it's not a "luxury brand", the products are extremely high quality and they look good too! The brand has items for everyone. A lot of the designs are so simple, but so different and intricate at the same time which is what I love about it.

Check out a few of our favorite products below and be sure to check out the MLNY website, like their official Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter!
MLNY, Max Losk

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