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Beyonce's Bow Down: Anthem or Diss?

With the recent backlash that Beyonce has received following the release of her latest track, Bow Down/ I Been On, I decided it would be appropriate to figure out where some of this backlash is coming from and write my thoughts on the matter. A lot of it has to do with personal interpretation. When you first heard the song, did you think anthem or diss?

Most people will say anthem. If you're in the club and the song comes on, are you going to feel the need to bow down or look around at everyone else like, "i'm the shxt, bow down!"? Beyonce has been making anthems for years. Yes, Bow Down is much more aggressive and somewhat vulgar than her earlier "women anthems" but this , in a nutshell, is what she does. She makes songs for women to sing a long to like "yeah, that's right!". Take Ring The Alarm or Best Thing I Never Had.. Me, Myself, and I, uhhh Run The World (Girls)? Seriously. -_- Women anthems are Beyonce's "thing", this song is no different.

I think what throws a lot of people off is the language she uses. Every time Beyonce curses, everyone holds their breathe, like is she allowed to do that? Let's not forget, Beyonce is a grown woman; she's almost 30. She's married with a child. Maybe she wanted to wait until she was in a comfortable position in her career, where she can do whatever she wants to do and not have to worry about record sales and what's a "good look" for her career. The song has a real H-Town feel to it. Which makes me think that she wanted to let loose to the rhythm of her hometown and just have fun. Hit-Boy (one of the producers on the track) posted a picture of the two having a blast in the studio. You have to remember that Beyonce has been working since her early teens. And most of her works display this "stigma" that's attached to her name. The graceful prototype for a hardworking "colored" (I guess.. what is she? lol.) woman in the industry. She has sex appeal, but doesn't come off as a hoe. She's strong, independent, etc. etc. She seems like, as outsiders looking in, the perfect role model. Well, after a while, that probably gets boring. Imagine if all of you college students had to ONLY focus on schoolwork, no wild parties are anything "fun". Just work. Most of you would get bored too, right? I'd imagine Beyonce to be the same way. As a matter of fact, consider "Bow Down" as Beyonce's wild frat party. lol. She's worked hard enough to let loose.

I will admit that that cursing doesn't sound much like her, from what she shows the world. Yes, cursing doesn't fit her "persona" but honestly, we don't even know that girl to say she doesn't curse lol. Beyonce is a private person. Behind closed doors she may curse all the time. I think that's what makes a lot of people uncomfortable. And if that's the case, just get the clean version lol. A lot of people think she's trying too hard to fit in with hip-hop's popular music. I could definitely see this. It can be hard for time-honored artists to reinvent themselves so that they don't lose who they are artistically, but also remain relevant. I don't think Beyonce has to do this though. What do you guys think? Is Beyonce trying to reinvent herself to stay relevant and current? Tweet @iSocialite!

To me, the people that feel like Beyonce is dissing them personally, are completely missing the point. 90% of Beyonce's past singles have been anthems like this. Anyone who thinks Beyonce is telling them to bow down is probably low on self esteem. That was the furthest thing from my mind when I heard it for the first time. Sing a long! This song's for you! Have some confidence and tell them other bxtches to bow down, queen! ;)

I'd love to hear your opinions. Is Beyonce's Bow Down an anthem or a diss track? Empowering or arrogance?  Tweet @iSocialite!

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