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Event Review: @NYXNightLife Presents: Pusha T w/ King Mez & Asaad Money

Last night, NYX Nightlife took over UNION TRANSFER, as they presented the city of Philly with Pusha T, Asaad Money, and King Mez. The night was interesting to say the least if you missed the show. 

107.9's DJ Damage did what he does best for the first half of the night, spinning hits from Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Juicy J, Kendrick, amongst others. The crowd nodded and sang along while Fese talked to the crowd, getting their energy up. Being that Fese and Damage are brothers, the chemistry they have as dj and hypeman is impeccable. After an hour and a half, the first performer came out. His name was Asaad Money, a Philadelphia native. 

"F*ck Pusha T"... 
The rapper dressed in what is to be assumed his own clothing line came out to try and embrace the crowd. Three minutes into his set, he lost the crowd. The shenanigans didn't end with his slander of Pusha (he also spit a diss bar that was directed towards the headliner), he stopped to pull out a very long blunt and light it, sharing a very sinister smile with the now, confused, audience. 

He finished one song, he ad libbed while the track played, and then threw his wireless mic towards my direction. It bounced off stage and popped me in the face. He then did a wardrobe change, jumped over me and iSocialite's photographer Jacob Peck, as he attempted to stage dive. Luckily, three of his fans were there to catch him. After getting back on stage, he grabbed a bottle of water and drank some... Then spit it out all over the stage and poured the rest of the water with it. He performed a few bars of another song and then threw the second microphone. The crowd became irritated and began to boo him. "Who the f*ck is the guy and why the f*ck is he still on stage?!" yelled a few fans as Asaad dapped up the security guard. He asked for the house to turn the lights off, them he started yelling "who the f*ck through that? Don't be a p*ssy!" Allegedly, someone through ice at him and he lost it. Security came on stage to escort him off, and he then tells us he's been signed to Atlantic Records. Good luck, Atlantic. 

Inbetween sets, Damage came back out to spin. 
Then the small, kid rocking Bred 4s came out to perform. North Carolina's own King Mez commanded the stage. To say the least, he was the polar opposite of Asaad Money. Where the audiences will remember the first performer for his shenanigans, they will definitely remember King Mez for his lyricism. His 15 minute performance was filled with witty puns and intelligent plays with words. He even went accapella and freestyled a little. Although short, I'm almost positive people will definitely want to here more from the young dude that has opened for names like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T, Wale and others. 

Then the moment we had all been waiting for.. Pusha the God came out in his Givenchy crew neck and black jeans (If anyone happens to know what sneakers he was wearing, hit my twitter ASAP). He started his set with his verses from Popular Demand, Grindin, So Appalled, and Runaway. At this point, the venue had packed and the crowd was flowing right along with Pusha. He did some noteable classics from his renowned mixtape Fear of God, Alone in Vegas, Cook it Down. He stopped and thanked everyone for coming out, saying that Philly was his second home. He announced the title of his album My Name is My Name and then did a freestyle. The crowd sat in both silence and amazement as they watch Push go in on the mic, using metaphors and lyrical twist in a finesse that is only Pusha's. He then bought out the legendary Ab Lava ( I was highly upset the kids behind me had no idea who he was. Do your history folks) and they performed Viva La Re Up Gang. He then did Doesn't Matter and his verse from Mercy as he did his swerve dance. The crowd chanted GOOD Music , followed by his performance to Millions. He again gave his fans accolades and praise for holding him down. He finished his set with an amped performance of Blocka and Trust You

Needless to say, the night was interesting. Big ups to NYX Nightlife for bringing the show to Philly. Follow them on twitter for news and updates for all events at @NYXNightLife

UPDATE: So we got an insider scoop on what really happened backstage with the Asaad vs. Pusha beef. Read about it here.

- Review by @Yan_TonSoup // Photos by @Toussaint215

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