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Happy Birthday, Spike Lee!

Today, marks the 56th birthday of one of my favorite film directors, Shelton Jackson Lee. Not only known for his avant-garde film techniques, Spike Lee is also known for the recycling of actors throughout his film career as well as his philosophical messages within the film. He examines race relations, the color caste in the black community, the media's role in contemporary life, an insight on urban life and issues within the black community along with other things. He was one of the first to take reality and put in on a wider screen for all to observe. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
I think the first Spike Lee flick I ever watched was Clockers and I was about 5. I remember having to sleep in my parents' room for about 3 days but after that, I was hooked. From She Gotta Have It to He Got Game to Red Hook Summer, the man is a pioneer and a legend. And for the fellas, you can never go wrong with Lee on date night.. Unless it is He Got Game then you just fast forward past that one sex scene. But here is an iSocialite tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, Spike Lee. 

S/O to Skyzoo & Talib Kweli 

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