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Video: Consequence Gets Tossed By Joe Budden's Crew (Plus Full Incident Breakdown)

I'm sure by now we all heard of the fight that took place between Tahiry, Joe Budden, and Consequence. If not, I'll give you the SparkNotes. At the Love & Hip-Hop Reunion taping, Consequence ran up on Joe Budden and hit him when he wasn't looking. Tahiry, protecting what's hers, hits Consequence back.  Here's some tweets about the incident.

So immediately after this happened, Joe Budden called into Angie Martinez to break down what happened.

Joe Budden on The Angie Martinez Show

If you don't feel like listening, here's the important stuff:
I’m in a room with security standing outside the door.
It was a break and I grabbed Tahiry to smoke a cigarette, someone runs behind me to hit me in the back of the head.
He hit me while I was walking away, Tahiry hit him, then eight security guards came to get at me.
I honestly thought it was a woman doing it.
This is from the Hot 97 interview when I came up there.
Tahiry was directly next to me, she turned around and hit him.
VH1 cameras don’t ever stop rolling.
This is the first time I’m seeing him since then.
He’s the toughest guy right now at the reunion because it’s clouded by security.
This will be dealt with correctly before the end of the day.
After that, I guess they had to continue shooting the show. Afterwards, Joe Budden, being Joe Budden, had to get some sort of revenge. And it seems like he ended giving Consequence a sucker punch that left Cons on the ground with Jen screaming in the background... -_- this all just seems so dramatic to me, lol. But it happened as the above video shows.
Props to Miss Info!

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