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Behind the Beef: Asaad Money vs. Pusha T [The Inside Scoop]

You all got to read about the infamous "F*ck Pusha T" statement by Philadelphia rapper Asaad Money on Friday night. If you haven't, you guys can go back and look through the review of the show. However, since the incident, there has been tweets from Asaad and blogs have been reporting on the opening act. An inside source from the show was willing to share with us exclusively their experience and clear up any confusion anyone has about the "beef".

Q: How did Asaad Money actually become a part of the show in the first place?
A: Pusha's contract requires approval from his management on all openers. We suggested several Philly artists that were denied. Asaad was one of the artists that was approved by management (almost suggested by them) because of their prior relationship with Re-Up gang.

Q: Was there any sense of hostility from Asaad prior to his performance?
A: We had no prior knowledge of any beef between them. Asaad was cooperative with us the whole time before the show, other than showing up late [for his performance] and he had already left by the time Pusha came to the venue.

(Which answers why Damage had to spin for an hour and a half)

Q: What was the initial reaction backstage when Asaad came out and said "F*ck Pusha T"?
A: Everyone had the same reaction, they were shocked and confused. I was backstage at the time and someone working for me came back and told me. We decided it was best to pull him off stage and kick him out of the venue.

Q: So Pusha didn't ask for Asaad to be removed from the venue contrary to his tweets?
No, he [Pusha] wasn't there.

Q: Do you know what the exact cause for Asaad's hostility towards the Good Music rapper?
A: According to Asaad & management, Pusha supposedly stole the "God Flow" idea from Asaad when he sent Pusha a mixtape to be apart of Re-up Gang

Q: Was the removal of Asaad cooperative or was there an altercation?
A: I wouldn't call it an altercation; but, he didn't willingly leave. We had security remove him from the backstage area.

Q: So was Pusha T even aware of the diss?
A: Yea. There was a record exec backstage that contacted his management to make them aware of the situation. He wasn't too thrilled about what happened but he acted professional about the situation.

There also has been some rumors circulating that Asaad was dropped from his label just minutes after announcing to the audience that he was recently signed. I cannot confirm if that's true at this moment. Honestly, it sounds like the kid was just trying to put on a publicist stunt to announce his "alleged" signing. I guess all press is good press. He actually should of been thankful he was recommended by Pusha's people. Also, isn't the whole music industry built on drawing inspiration? Kanye West and Pusha T drew inspiration from him. That's a huge compliment. I guess that wasn't enough for the Philadelphia native. Also, it doesn't seem as though Pusha T is even remotely interested in a beef with him. During his set, he did bring out Major Figga's Ab Lava, the supposed uncle of Asaad Money. Isn't this how Consequence's career ended?

- Ayana // @Yan_TonSoup

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