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iSocialiteChat: Interview with Raheem DeVaughn

I got the opportunity to talk with Raheem DeVaughn. For all those who don't know, Raheem has been in the studio working on his fourth anticipated album, "A Place Called Love" as well as his radio show "The Raheem DeVaughn Show". The three-time Grammy Award Nominee has much to smile about since his recent single for the LP "Love Connection" is blazing up the Urban Radio Charts as the #1 song. The record is also on the Top 40 list as well. When I asked about his success with the new record, he responded, "It's a great start. I'm glad people are feeling the new sound". You could feel the excitement in his voice so I extended him another congratulations.

I was pleased to find out that Jerome D. Hurd, the man behind the visuals for Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools" and Schoolboy Q's "Hands on the Wheel", was the director for DeVaughn's "Love Connection". "Jerome's a genius. There's a method to his madness. "I've been working with Jerome for awhile, and he's really done many R&B videos. I'm excited for the new sound and a new look", responded DeVaughn when I asked him about his collaboration with Hurd. He also mentioned that he was excited for both criticism and feedback for the video and the single. The video is currently being edited and going viral soon. 

He and I began talking about what fans can expect from this new project, since he has been recording in his hometown of D.C. He best described it as an "orgasmic ground". He then talked about how it defines and redefines love. "It touches on everything. It is very dope lyrically. It'll have you on a lyrical roller coaster". He also let me know that it puts you in both a new wave flow but also gives you that 90's, throwback Jodeci feel. That was definitely something appealing for a 90's baby like myself to hear. He then told me the album takes you to a sensual place both musically and lyrically, a classical element to DeVaughn's musical genius. He did tell me this time he "left the pulpit" which we both laughed at. This album is about bringing people together. He'll go back to schooling us on the fifth or sixth project. I could tell in his voice, Raheem is definitely in a good place with this album. 
I've always admired Raheem for his ability to stay relevant with his music, even in regards to his "preaching" as he would call it so I asked how important it was for him to stay evolving, especially in an industry that is forever changing. "It's necessary, that's the goal but also to still be relevant and true." 

We stepped away from the topic of his album to talk about "The Raheem DeVaughn Show", a radio show he has been doing for two years, which now reaches over 100 countries. He calls it both a "success" as well as "very humbling". "I get the opportunity to get up close and personal with fans. They are either fans of my music and become fans of the show or vice versa", says DeVaughn. His guests extend from comedians to musicians to politicians. They take call ins from fans and special guest alike. "They get to see my comedic side", says DeVaughn when he tells me about how the topics on the show include music and social issues. 

Archives of the show can be found at http://blis.fm/raheem/.

Raheem is keeping busy these days, between finishing up "A Place Called Love" and working on his own campaign, he also is focusing on several artist development for several artists he has under him at his own label. With the success of the radio show as well, I asked if there was any other projects he was interested in. "Plays!" He told me how with his hectic schedule, he hasn't been able to do much but when he can, he takes his mother to see the various plays that come into the D.C. area. He's really into the idea of being involved with the theatrical side of performing. 

Raheem also wants you to know a tour is definitely in the works. He has been in listing a great number of artist to link up with and a number of camps have been reaching out to him to be on their line-up. 

Can't wait to see what the future has in store for Raheem this summer.

-- Ayana // @Yan_TonSoup

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