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How to Survive Festival Season: An Experience at Radio 104.5's 6th Annual Birthday Show

As you guys know, the warmer weather is now here, and for most that means one closer step to summer vacation. However, for us at iSocialite Media, that only means one thing:

MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON! Yes, that glorious time of year when talented (and sometimes not so talented) artists and musical acts come together to put on a show for their fans more glorious than a hair flip in a new weave! For iSocialite, our ventures started early when our dear friends at Clear Channel and Radio 104.5 invited us to have the VIP treatment at their annual birthday event Sunday, May 12th. 

So now, I know you guys are thinking "Um, wth is Radio 104.5?" Believe it or not, we at iSocialite are very diverse in the musicality realm. We don't really discriminate (I refuse to listen to country but that's just me). Jake has made a BFF in on air personality Wendy Rollins and she actually extended the invite to Jake. Although Mother's Day, we decided to go. Since I was too familiar with the acts prior to Paramore's performance and my phone checked an hour into the show, I thought to instead make observations and give you guys the Official iSocialite Media's Guide on Surviving a Music Festival

1. Hit the ATM prior to the show! 

After driving aimlessly in Jersey, we got to the venue and thought because it was in Camden, the safest route was check that lost and park in the lot. Jake nor I had cash (Card Carriers over here) and regretted that deeply after waiting in line 15 minutes just to park. "$25, straight cash". Mind you, the parking lot reminded me of a scene from that movie "The Warriors" so we got out of line and found a Papi store in the middle of the city. Once in the venue, we decided to get some refreshments (BEER) and BOOM $26 charged to the card for two cans. After witnessing a few bands, Jake got hungry and wanted to venture outside the Pit Area to eat.. None of the stands took card. BAM! A $3.95 ATM charge, which regrettably, we both took L's on. You wanted chicken fingers and fries? Cough up $12 and be prepared to wait for your food. We spent unnecessary money but we definitely regret not tapping MAC before arriving.

2. Be prepared to deal with f&*@ed up people!

Now, at any concert, you encounter you're random jerk. It's almost inevitable. However, at a festival, the douche-bags are plentiful. Since it was seemingly obvious that Jake and I didn't really fit in, we were surprised we only heard the "n-word" one time and it was not directed towards us. But the caliber of "bros" being tossed around by an all ages crowd and drunken frat boys making obnoxious jesters to the whimsical blondes is just a part of the hipster culture. Either be that prick that gets thrown out for starting a fight or keep it moving. These events aren't cheap! 

3. Know the performers. 

In my defense, Jake never told me what kind of event this was. It wasn't until we were on the good ole Ben Franklin he mentioned Passion Pit and I started melting. However, they were the second the last act to perform. We got there once River's Monroe ended. We took shots of a band called Twenty|One Pilots, which was pretty good and then went out to the lobby. We saw a huge crowd of people taking pictures of these guys and we literally stood there for about 15 minutes trying to figure out who these dudes were. They finally came up to us and asked it we wanted a picture, but once he saw our press passes, he introduced himself. "Hi, My name's Kirby". Me, being the clown I am hit him with an "OOOOOOOH" and then the stale face. He was a part of the band River's Monroe
Twenty One |Pilots
Another example on why you should probably to your research on all the acts performing is because of this:

If you're a 90s baby, you remember watching this movie over and over again. You also remember the Big Bang band. Well, guess who performed yesterday? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Jake, baffled that I knew who they were, I tried to relay the message of who they were. His response, "Nah, they old" which only made me feel as old as that one hipster mom we bumped into that had embraced her kids to much, they threw their hoodies on and walked 5 paces behind her. 

Lastly, at events like this, you never know who you'll meet at these shows. Jake was up taking photos in the front pit and I decided to hang back a little to watch Passion Pit's amazing light show (they literally have the best stage set-up you'll ever see) but while I'm sitting in this row all by myself, these three guys and a girl come over and the one guy flashes a smile and asks if anyone is sitting in those seats. I say know and keep nodding to Michael Angelakos' beautiful, high pitched voice. The guy leans over and asked how I liked the show, and I say "Great! I'm really glad to be here. You?" and he goes "It's cool". Once I see Jake's done, I go to meet him in the lobby. 
Later, I'm sitting looking through images Jake took and low and behold, the front man for Airbourne Toxic Event was the guy talking to me and the rest of the band was sitting with me. 
Airborne Toxic Event

Artists are always lurking threw the crowd! You never know who you can meet or who's performing. You may find out who the artist is of that song you like is or wind up sitting to a cute, singer, guitarist guy. 

4. Know the crowd

Okay, so tip for those who have never experienced a festival. You run into 11 kinds of people at these shows.

     a. The Groupie - Easily noted by their awesome Hot Topic Fan shirt, they are the ones that constantly bring up random facts about their favorite artist.. The ones you careless about. They are also the ones trying to make friends with security or someone with an all access pass to get closer access to the stage. Listen, honey child, it's not that deep.

     b. The Drunkard - Easily noted by seeing them early in the day "turnt up" and then later, either passed out in their own vomit or carried out by security. Don't be that guy.

     c. The Professional Fester - The Fester is the person that brags in the parking lot about how this is their 2,120,394 show. They have a cooler and a lawn chair. They go to so many shows, they know all the security and attendants by first name and they probably describe every move the performer will do while on stage "Oh this is the part when they do that rad guitar solo.. yea I saw that when they performed at SXSW.. Because I go to a lot of festivals" yea, well you either have a really great job or live with your parents because.. THESE THINGS AINT CHEAP!

   d.  The "Bros" - My favorite (being that I am an advocate for #whiteboywednesday) These are the frat boys that all gather together for one last hoo-raah before heading to the shore. Usually noted for their cargo shorts, baseball cap backwards, and no shirt, these guys have a limited vocabulary and say "bro" way too much. Sometime, may turn into the drunkard, these guys are fun, yet dangerous. Be very cautious

  e. The Oldie but Goodie - This is the person that you stare at and say "Dude, ain't you too old to be here?!" Yes, these people are usually at the venue trying to find their  youth. The women are usually tagged along by their kids that are either stoked that they have the "Cool Mom" or embarrassed their mom just started grinding on one of the "bros". The Men are usually either creeping on young girls or miserable their wives stuck them with chaperon duty. Either way, they are entertaining to watch.

   f. The Druggy - Easily spotted by their staggering or stumbling, the obnoxious yelling that each and every song is their "JAM", the druggy is actually a fun person to be around. "You wanna hit this? I got more friend". They mainly sit on the outskirts of the venue so they won't be spotted by security our in the midst of the crowd where security can't get to them. The druggy also tends to get hot during the show and wants to get naked or dancing wildly. Just VINE it for later enjoyment. 

  g. The Classic First Timer - Ah! I remember my first festival. I was decked out in everything I thought was "dope" or what I thought was "festival appropriate". The guys are usually screaming "Bro! This is the best day of my life!!!" The girls are easily spotted wearing everything they saw someone else wear on Instagram. Headband, crop top, high waist shorts, boots, sunglasses, and a lot of arm jewelry. I like these people because I usually tell them I'm Joan Smalls and they ask for my autograph. 

  h. Le "Hoe" - In English, The Hoe, is or are those girls dressed.. well not dressed much at all. They flirt with anything, kind of like a dog in heat. They're usually the ones talking to all the male staff in hopes to get backstage. Lady, don't you know they are trained professionals?! They have defeated your kind before and shall keep prevailing! 

  i. The Young and Naive - At first, you would mistake this person for being the groupie, no no no! This person is approximately the ages of 12-15, went to Hot Topic before the show for some "new" threads, is taking pictures of everything, probably "emo" and wants to go to every other show that is posted up. "This is so awesome! Even though my mom is such a b%$#h and wouldn't buy us front row tickets, this is still cool. Oh, The Roots Picnic?! Oh I love them, Root is my fave" Yup, young and dumb. You can easily spot them being 6 inches shorter than everyone else of legal age, trying to coheres a drunkard to buying them beer, and pretty much clueless about what is actually going on. This is why the Oldies but Goodies are usually present. 

    j. The Redneck - "Git Er Done!" Yup, these folks hobbies include being super patriotic, drinking beer, yoloing, drinking beer, singing really loud and obnoxiously, drinking more beer, and rubbing their big ole beer bellies. They are usually associated with the drunkard but they have such a hillbilly essence to their removal. "Git yer f&*@ing hands off meeeh!" They also spit, A LOT and are not afraid of dropping the "n-word". Oh and half way through the show, don't be afraid if they come up to you and start asking weird questions. They don't get out the trailer park much.

    k. The Hipster - Mr. Untouchable. These folks are here for one thing and one thing only. The love of the music. If spotted alone, don't bother them. They, along with their tight overly priced Urban Outfitter Oxford shirt is not here to party. They're classy folks. They don't dance, they just nod their head and close their eyes and imagine a world were the other 10 don't exist. I salute you Mr. Hipster, I truly do. 


Okay, this is probably the realist tip I can give. SNEAK IN AS MUCH FOOD AS POSSIBLE! Seriously, the venues of these concerts look at everyone as a sucker. With the No Re-Entry sign, they know we're trapped like rats, and even as much as you try to fight it, you get hungry. Ask Jake! He spent $9 on a burger! He didn't even bother to get fries because they wanted $11 more for crab fries! 

It blew our minds. We go to eat because we had a 40 minutes set change before Paramore came out. The smell of popcorn (which was 6.50 for the box. 8.50 for the bucket) was getting to me. I figured if I ate one hardy meal, I wouldn't be hungry later. Chicken fingers, fries, small drink $12.00 or I could be fancy with the buffalo tenders and spare the drink for $11.00. "Can you wait 7 minutes for chicken fingers?" No lady, I'm hungry now! So I caved in on the fact I haven't had a burger in, IDK, years to get a burger and take whatever consequences later because I missed out on breakfast and it was literally about 5:00 and I hadn't eaten all day. "Ok, I'll take the burger".. "You mind waiting 5 minutes for your fries?" HUH!?! Why you take my money, ring me up, and give me change just to tell me I had to wait?!?! YO! A cute couple behind me ordered their food and I'm making jokes on how they have to wait for their fries.. BOOM! Order of fries come out and I get happy.. "No ma'am, yours are with your burger, we're still waiting.. These are for them." Safe to say at this point, all I could do was let Jacob laugh at my frustration, because I laughed at the fact the burgers were pre-made with ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickles. No exceptions. No mayo. I wasn't even offered a free cheese cup for my wait! (Cheese cup, $3). I'm actually sparing you guys of the L we had to take. Get of of those bags with the secret compartment and pack snacks! I wish I did. They didn't even really check my purse! 

6. Enjoy the show! Be Prepared for any and all things

The dope thing about being apart of the iSocialite team is that I get invited to shows and interviews often. You never know what to expect! So expect EVERYTHING! (Always bring a hoodie with you, it gets cold sometimes, especially at night). Expect the craziness of the crowd, expect the dj to go hard on the ones and twos, expect for people to do weird things on and off stage (Haley Williams spit and some dude caught it.. in his mouth) but those things happen. The thing about music is we never know what is going to happen next. That's what keeps it pure, beautiful, and fun. Your phone dies, let it die! For the most part, you aren't missing anything you can't get to later. Friend bailed on you and you're there solo? FINE! Go make friends or be the hipster! The cost to put on these festivals is grandiose but even more so, these artists take time away from writing and producing to do what inevitably we all want to see, them perform live! I hate seeing the people that bitch about the show. "Ughhh that was lame!" Well guess what? That lame got your money bro! These shows are so amazing, especially festivals because they bring so many people together, artists and fans. Who knows, you may find a new band or artist you like or even a new find. You may even bump into an artist or band mate. Be open minded! These shows are ever lasting memories. 
 Passion Pitt

Thank you so much to our friends at Clear Channel and Radio 104.5 and again, Happy 6th Birthday! You guys are amazing. 

Acts from the Show:

River's Monroe
Twenty | One Pilots
Airborne Toxic Event
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Silversun Pickups
Passion Pit

Article by Ayana // Photos by Jake

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