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iSocialiteChat: Interview With DMV's Own PRoP

Recently, one of our iSocialite interns, Breanna, got to chat with an upcoming artist out of the DMV named PRoP. The young rapper, heavily influenced by Jay-Z, started rapping when he was 15. After graduating high school and moving to LA, the rapper released his EP “Magic Hour” and has been on a non-stop grind ever since. We at the iSocialite Office had the opportunity to listen to Magic Hour ourselves and was surprised of how talented and lyrical PRoP was. He’s definitely the next to come up. Check out what he had to say to Breanna in regards to his music. 

Breanna: So what part of the DMV are you from?
PRoP: PG county 

Breanna: Who are some of your influences? 
PRoP: As far as rap influences, Jay-Z, Nas, and Eminem are within my top three. 

Breanna: How would you describe your sound? 
PRoP: The best way to describe my sound would be to say it is diverse. If you listen to the mixtape, you’ll be able to tell. In one of my sounds, I go from rap to jazz. 

Breanna: Is there a particular agency you want to be signed to? 
PRoP: I’m looking for whoever appreciates my music and what I’m trying to accomplish. 

Breanna: As of right now, what’s in store for you? 
PRoP: I currently finishing up my next EP, The Ballot of the Misfit. Hopefully, I’ll be dropping that at the end of the summer. 

Breanna: Have you opened for anyone? 
PRoP: I got the opportunity to perform at NBA AllStar Weekend this year, opening for Meek Mill and Pusha T. The crowd responded well to my performance which was exciting for me, especially performing for a crowd that large. 

Breanna: In your opinion, what are the songs on your mixtape have received the best recognition? 
PRoP: Young N**** and Magic Hour (Just Go) received 100k+ views on Youtube. 

Breanna: Is there anyone in the future you would want to work with? 
PRoP: Pharrell Williams is someone I would like to work with, but I want that N.E.R.D sound.

Breanna: Where can people follow your projects and see what you’re up too? 
PRoP: The fans can receive more information on my twitter: ProP_Smog 

We will definitely be following up with PRoP and his journey. Check out his song Magic Hour (Just Go)

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