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Album Review: Drake - "Nothing Was The Same" (Track by Track)

Oh Aubrey. Why do you do this to me? Your album cover? I cannnnnnnnt! Ok. I'm back. And so is Drake. Back with his third studio album, "Nothing Was The Same", and I actually like it. He is definitely taking advantage of what makes him appeal to the masses: sensitivity. He is all up and through his feelings, per usual, and I think he has another hit on his hands.
Check out this track-by-track review of NWTS.

1. "Tuscan Leather"
Hmmm...what's a word to describe this track? Cocky. Yes. He basically said I'M DRAKE BITCH and everyone should just recognize his awesomeness and fall in line. He spits for six minutes on this track, no chorus necessary. That's talent! I was here for everything except that monkey sound in the instrumental. Just no.

2. "Furthest Thing"

This track, co-produced by Jake One, has a SICK beat. I definitely got my life. He focuses on the impositions of fame but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, success, just might make up for it. I can dig it.

3. "Started From The Bottom"
Aubrey. Sir. Did you really start from the bottom? You were most def playing "Wheelchair Jimmy" on Degrassi for eons. But what do I know about your struggles? Y'all know the song. They played it enough.

4. "WuTang Forever" and 5. "Own It"Much respect for the Wu Tang tribute but I wasn't here for Aubrey's singing. Like either sing for real or not all. Those half assed vocals are insulting. The effortless flow into Own It was brilliant. PartyNextDoor was giving me EVVERYTHING with those background vocals.

6. "Worst Behaviour"
YAAASSSSSSS for this Ma$e sample! Y'all remember him? Ain't he a pastor now or something? Anyways...Mo Money, Mo Problems was that heat! Off GP I like this song. I'm not sure if our dear friend Aubrey was channeling or what but his tone was a lot more gruff. I can actually call him Drake with a straight face.

7. "From Time" (ft. Jhene Aiko)
What would this album be without him being his usual light skinned self? In true Aubrey fashion he's crying about love lost and whatnot. But, hell, it works for him. So do you boo. I can't say that I was digging Jhene's vocals. He could've used someone, I don't wanna say better but yeah...I'm just gonna let that trail off...

8. "Hold On, We're Going Home"
He definitely gave me Robin Thicke tease. I can guarantee you this track is going to be played at many a Black wedding reception while guests partake in gawd awful group dance i.e. the electric slide. Not my wedding. All forms of group dance are BANNED!

9. "Connect"
I'm cryyyyyying! Aubrey is so light skinned. The tears are REAL! Like why would he ever? The beat is dope though, big ups to Hudson Mohawke.

10. "The Language"
Drake said you will NOT call me Aubrey on this track Natasha! And he's right. His lyrics were
genius. He basically told the world he is not a punk. True or false? IOENO. 

I don't know why they been lying but your shit is not that inspiring/Fuck any nigga that's talking that shit to get a reaction/Fuck going platinum I looked at my wrist and its already platinum/I am the kid with the motor mouth I am the one you should worry bout. 
Best song by far. He did that.

11. "305 To My City"
First, let me just say I'm in love with this beat. Its soothing. As far as the lyrics? I support the
naked hustle so I get it too! I mean it ain't for me but who am I to judge? Strippers are the
ultimate hustlers. Make that money baby, don't let it make you!

12. "Too Much" (ft. Sampha)
Lawwwd. Sampha's voice grates on my nerves. Sounds like Future's crying ass. Bye Felicia.
Ok. He's not that bad but still. This track talks about the strain of fame on family and
relationships. He's completely in his feelings and I'm loving it! Its raw and emotional. This track is battling for number 1, look out The Language.

13. "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2" (ft. Jay Z)
You know I don't like to use the word Illuminati but there's just a lot of spirits in these
instrumentals. Like subliminal messages have to be in these tracks. There's no way he just likes the sound of this sorceress. Drake starts and finishes this track strong, sandwiching a verse from the great HOV. I'm the greatest of my generation. This track is EPIC. Perfect ending.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Aubrey's, but all shade aside, this album is worth purchasing. If you're a fan you definitely won't be disappointed. And if you're not, well, he just might make a believer out of you. Its a solid album that you can listen to straight through. Good job Aubrey. Stay lightskinned.  

NWTS is available in stores and on iTunes right now!

By Natasha Marie

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