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Album Review: Tamar Braxton - "Love and War"

It is definitely common knowledge that I am a loyal Tamartian. So getting the opportunity to review Tamar Braxton's Love And War is truly an honor. I can't even articulate how excited I am for this masterpiece, as well as what's to follow. That being said...this review will be biased yet honest. Unsure what that means? Well watch me work. 

Check out this track by track review of Tamar's sophomore album: 

1. "The One" 
Leading the way is the sophomore single from her sophomore album. How fitting? This song is truly a classic summertime favorite. Uptempo, short, sweet, and fun. If you play it twice in a row it almost feels like its a full song. 

2. "Tip Toe" 
YAAASSSSSSSSSS FOR RATCHET TRACKS! Tip Toe feeds my ratchet soul and I am so here for it! This track is about having a dirty little secret and ladies, let's be real, who hasn't? Tamar croons, "The minute you start talking I'ma have to let you go/ Cause I don't want my business to be on my neighbor's door/ And I don't want my business on the Wendy Williams Show." She was straight snapping with the lyrics! The repetitive "Tip Toe" is a bit #TeamTooMuch though. 

3. "Stay And Fight" 
Soft and serene. Seems so unlike her personality but its so beautiful. She gave me vocal life! I was reborn. If you have ANY doubt in her vocal ability it stops now. Her ad libs are EV­VERY­THING! 

4. "Love And War" 
Title. Track. Enough said. I saw TAMARSUS. Every time I hear this track an angel gets its wings. Love And War will forever be a classic. 

5. "All The Way Home" 
The third single off of this masterpiece and it was love at first listen. Its raw and real and a relationship in its truest form. Make ups and break ups. Hey baby I'm back and I calmed down/ I'm done with all the cussin'/ I came to give you a little somethin'./ You got me screaming for a different reason now/ While we're breaking stuff/ Tearin' it up/ Neighbors hear you loving me down! Her vocals though? Lawwwd. I just can't. One word: SLAYmar. 

6. "One On One Fun" 
This track was all of three seconds long so I was confused as to whether or not it was an interlude but I digress. It was cute though. I guess...the beat was popping for sure. 

7. She Did That (Interlude)
Ok. So this is the real interlude following the "fake" interlude. I absolutely LOVE this! I wish it were a real song or at least swap the length with the "fake" interlude. I'm just saying. The lyrics were sophistoratchet. My type of shit. Oh you looking at my rocks?/ That's my bitch Tiffany. GO TF AWWWWWF TAY! 

8. "Hot Sugar" 
I'm not sure if I like the studio version better than whatever bootleg versions we've been listening to for months. But there's nothing I can do about that so...HOT SUGAR BUMPS! Like it makes me wanna give my boo a "piece of something sweet". ::winks:: The ratch in me LIVES! 

9. "Pieces" 
This track is beautiful. Like she completely showcased those vocals we love so much. The beat went off and the lyrics flowed effortlessly. My only gripe is that it didn't sound Tamar­ish. Vocally, not lyrically. 

10. "Where It Hurts" 
Another soft track. I love this side of Tamar's voice and music. Her songs are usually so powerful that tracks like this are a rare treat. It has a very old school feeling and lowkey gave me Celine Dion tease. Just graceful. And she never disappoints with these ad libs. 

11. "Prettiest Girl" 
I won't lie. I laughed at the beginning. She was def giving me Tina Turner, Martin Luther King Jr. CTFU. Once I regained my composure I took in the message behind this song and I'm floored. This song will uplift so many young women. Kudos! So thank you for this. 

12. "Sound Of Love" 
This track didn't come out at all like I imagined from the show. Danity Kane did that too. I got their first CD after watching their show like wait...what? Nonetheless, the song is still amazing. I'm a little distracted by TC's foreground, I mean background vocals, but I guess that can't be helped. I will say this: I expected more from that whistle. Hell, I almost missed it. 

13. "White Candle" 
TAMAR BRAXTON DAMN NEAR ALL ACOUSTIC?! sxwxdvvfvbhhnjojdhgshvnbjj! I legit died and went to Tamartian Heaven off this track! Hands down THEE BEST TRACK on this album. Lawwwd. Its just so beautiful. I have NOTHING bad to say, like no shade at all. She goes TF in!  
I can feel the distance between us/ standing side by side never felt so far apart. Its so sweet and passionate. White candle (×3) Don't let our love die/ Cause I don't wanna watch us burn out/ Don't wanna add fuel to the flame/ Is this how love turns out?/ Don't let our love die./ White candle (×3) Don't let our love melt away. 

14. "Thank You Lord" 
No. Thank you TAMARSUS. For going back to your gospel roots and blessing us, even if its just for one track. This was the PERFECT ending to this complete and utter slayage that took my breath away. ALL HAIL TAMARSUS! (I need Jesus, I know) 

This album was so beautifully executed that I'm speechless...and that NEVER happens! Tamar bared her soul for us, slayed us with her vocal prowess, then resurrected us with her lyrical savvy. In short, LIFE WAS GIVEN! I think I used the word beautiful at LEAST 100 times. I can listen to this entire album, no skips. I haven't been able to do that in years. There is NO way you can fix your mouth to refer to her as just Toni Braxton's little sister. She's an artist in her own right. She's Tamar THEE Braxton BITCH. Love And War in stores and online TODAY! More than worth purchasing. 

- Natasha Marie  

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