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Album Review: @Pusha_T - "My Name Is My Name" (Track by Track)

  1. KING PUSH – “This is my time/this is my hour” raps Pusha T over his title track produced by Sebastian Ulrich and Kanye West. Over the intro, King Push gives us his usual gritty drug comparisons over a simple snare drum and sample.  This song serves as a message to his listeners as well as competition in the game. “I rap n***a/bout trap n***a/ I don’t sing hooks.” Enough said!
  2. NUMBERS ON THE BOARDS— Another Kanye West co-production. Pusha T takes this beat and gives us more arrogant street music with the help of samples from Bunny Sigler and also Jay Z. Numbers on the Boards continues the gritty pace of the album while illustrating some of the lifestyle that comes with being Pusha T.
  3. SWEET SERENADE (FT. CHRIS BROWN)—Opening with vocals from Chris Brown, Sweet Serenade serves us with the first slow paced track thanks to the smooth sound of Breezy. However, Push continues to maintain the street rap sound and does not make an attempt at softening his lyrics. The Swizz Beatz production gives Pusha T the stage to let listeners know he is the self proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive.”
  4. HOLD ON (FT. RICK ROSS)—Hold on opens with piano and vocals from Kanye West. As the production picks up, Pusha T comes on to the beat to discuss important topics from his stand point. He talks of the 1% as well as the questionable persona his peers give off of street life. Rick Ross glides over this instrumental produced by Hudson Mohawke. He provides the street theme that has paced the album on this track. Both artist come together to close the track with a message to their street soldier. “I got you my n***a hold on!”
  5. SUICIDE (FT. AB-LIVA)Pharrell produces this main stream reunion of Push and ReUp gang artist Ab-Liva.  The animated sound to this production does not stop Pusha T from giving us some of his best drug game rap while giving Ab-Liva the opportunity to win over fans with gritty lyrics and hard punch lines. Which makes sense since Ab-Liva is from Philly. This track does struggle to keep the pace of the album strong. But is a good song nonetheless.
  6. 40 ACRES (FT. THE-DREAM)Dream comes on with soft vocals singing “I’d rather die than go home/and I ain’t leavin’ without my 40 acres.” This brings Pusha T in to provide the story behind this hook ad showing that he is unapologetic of his old life. Also, Push opens up about his personal life such as his relationship with his brother, Malice, as he began to move toward the church. 40 Acres allows Push to give his fans a more personal side of him and still give the same street music he is known to give.
  7. NO REGRETS (FT. JEEZY & KEVIN COSSOM)—the title of the song completely tells what to expect with this song. Pusha T and Jeezy combine over the track to explain their lack of regret for their lifestyle and they will continue to pursue until they cannot anymore. Helped by the vocals of newcomer Kevin Cossom and a heavy drum production, Pusha T keeps the punch lines hitting as hard as the drums.
  8. LET ME LOVE YOU (FT. KELLY ROLAND)—An unusual collaboration for Pusha T sees Kelly Roland providing an apparent love story while Pusha flows in a Ma$e –like, late 90’s tone. This unorthodox collaboration provides a good, simplistic listen as well as a step away from the street bars but keeps the arrogance that has swept over the. The female listeners will enjoy this ballad.
  9. WHO I AM (FT. 2 CHAINZ & BIG SEAN)—“WHOOO!/THEY SAID BE ALL YOU CAN BE N***A!” Yells Push over this Kanye West production featuring label mates Big Sean and 2 Chainz. The track is well produced, and has an even better alignment of artist. Each on their own way gives the perfect amount of arrogance and heavy punch lines to keep listeners heads nodding without hesitation.  Though Pusha T did not do much rapping over the track, his hook and shortened verse opens the door for the two features to tear it down.
  10. NOSETALGIA (FT. KENDRICK LAMAR)—This Nottz production gives a meeting of two worlds on one stage. Both Pusha T and Kendrick rap of crack music or give a comparison of music sold in the same way crack was distributed. While Pusha gives us a complete street perspective, Kendrick gives us a story of family life and explains to his father that he’ll one day be a star and has finally made it. This collaboration is one that peers of the two artists must look at and study. As the KRS One sample screams in the background “You better change what comes out your speaker.” This song will lead listeners to do just that.
  11. PAIN (FT. FUTURE)—Another Kanye West production and another amazing collabo for Pusha T who has Future join him to describe the Pain of fame and his lifestyle. Every element of this track is a home run. Production is a perfect setting to the illustrating hook and verse of this track. Future’s vocals give the feeling of pain while Push raps “pain is joy when he cries/it’s my smiles in disguise/it’s what makes the story chilling/spare the women and the children.” Perfection!
  12. S.N.I.T.C.H. (FT PHARRELL)—The album‘s closing track is produced by the Neptunes and features member Pharrell whom provided the songs title and acronym/hook “Sorry N***a, I’m Tryna Come Home.” The song opens as a spiritual hymn sound. However, it turns into a plea from a companion whom is in prison. Pusha completely opens up over this emotional track speaking of something that seems truer than any lyric he’s ever written. The story comes together so well with the Pharrell sung hook. It is a perfect closing to the album.

Ultimately, My Name is My Name ends up being a well put together album with great production by a vast amount of producers and equally as good collaborations. Pusha T gives the fans exactly what they have been waiting for in his debut. The King Push has delivered on his first effort. It is a must listen in my opinion and I am sure anyone else who listens will agree.

-Maurice Mack

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