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@GrammyU's @ZZWard Soundcheck and Q&A

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to take part in Grammy U's ZZ Ward soundcheck and Q&A at Philadelphia's TLA. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting my fellow Philadelphia Chapter Grammy U peers and coordinators, I was also introduced to a very talented artist, ZZ Ward. During her soundcheck I noticed some very interesting qualities about her voice. Within the first few seconds of her singing I easily noticed control and perfect tonality. On top of that the natural raspy-ness in her voice added extra flavor. ZZ Ward's music has heavy blues & hip hop influences. Even with the blowing of the horns, playing of the piano, & beating of the drums she still finds a way to make both these genres her own. After soundcheck she sat down with us and answered our questions. She offered some very interesting insight about her career, where she came from, and where she plans on going in the future. If her voice wasn't enough to make me a fan her welcoming personality sealed the deal.

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