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Album Review: @Sevyn - "Call Me Crazy, But..." (Track by Track)

Sevyn Streeter is no stranger to the music business. Beautiful, young, and talented, she overcame two failed girl group attempts and began a lucrative career as a writer for the likes of Chris Brown, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, and more recently Ariana Grande. Under the guidance of musical mentor Chris Brown she emerged on the scene as a solo artist with her first single"I Like It" in October 2012 and has recently dropped her debut EP in late 2013.

Check out this track­by­track review of Call Me Crazy, But...

1. "Come On Over"
This truly gave me T­Pain tease...autotune at its finest. This is my first time hearing anything from Sevyn so I'm hoping this was just experimentation and not her signature sound because I may as well stop listening now. I can't even comment on her vocal ability or concentrate on the lyrics.

2. It Won't Stop (feat. Chris Brown)
Ok. This track is BEAUTIFUL! Sevyn turned off that GAWD AWFUL autotune and you hardly notice Chris's speech impediment. They sound perfect together. I would love more music from the two of them. Its a match made in heaven. And the lyrics...just YES! Every little thing you do got me feeling some type of way (of way)/When you gimme that thunder you make my summer rain/Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (×2)/Everyday everyday.

3. Sex On The Ceiling
LOOK BITCH YOU BETTER GO TF AWWWWWWF!!! I don't even know how this shit is

possible but dammit I'm ready to give it a go! Turn the bed upside down/Flip me round/Gravity's left the building/I'll be on top/Really I'll be on the bottom/'Cuz we gon be having sex on the ceiling. YAAASSSSSSSSS GAWD! The autotune (either she is clearly a fan of this sound or she's a damn robot with a mechanical ass throat) can't even throw me off. I'm here for this! I haven't gotten this excited since Love in the Club Part 2. Beyoncé had me about to get tossed out of clubs and whatnot. Best track so far, hands down!

4. Call Me Crazy
The oohs at the beginning of this track are utter life. I need more of that from her. But now I'm seriously confused. Is that her voice or autotune?! I honestly can't tell. Like if its her voice then, you know, no judgment. I was only joking when I eluded to her being the female T­Pain because that's not really something one should aspire to be. As the title track it could've been better. I wasn't impressed in the least.

5. B.A.N.S.
Wayment...is this an acronym for BITCH. ASS. NIGGAS...?!? That she's singing?!? And she just crooned the word "fuck". *clutches pearls* Wow. No wonder she was touring with K Michelle. And everyone knows how I feel about Kimberly's crass ass. I think its absolutely uncouth to sing
like this on a track. ANY TRACK. This is not a mixtape. But if your audience is the same as good ol' KMART's then sing your heart out hun. But you won't be getting my coins.

6. Shattered
If you look in the mirror/And I look in the mirror/Ain't nobody perfect/Ain't nobody perfect/'Cuz you keep pointing fingers/And I keep pointing fingers/Its like we're throwing stones in a glass house/And it shatters. These are some of the most relatable lyrics I've heard all year. It speaks to so much that I've been going through. And she sang it so beautifully. Lawwwwd. I love this song. Definitely thee BEST track on the album. Its so serene, raw, and REAL. She needs to make more songs like this one. READ THIS SEVYN! I'M TALKING TO YOU. LBVFS.

7. nEXt
"How can my EX boyfriend be my NEXT boyfriend?" Yes! PREACH! We all go through that one relationship that's so hard to let go. And you just keep going back. I mean its like recycling...good for the environment and shit, right? No? Ok...at any rate I'm sure so many young women can relate to this. But as relatable as the lyrics are it was a bit too high school musical for my taste. Not the best ending to her album. You want to leave em wanting more. Your SEVENTH track SHOULD have been FIRE if you're trying to make SEVEN significant, SEVYN...

In a nutshell, this album was mediocre. Definitely not her finest work. We're well aware that her pen game is sick so to release this EP isn't a testament to her talent or body of work. Perhaps she should just continue her lucrative career as a dope ass writer. I'm just saying. No shame in that. I can't, in good conscience, recommend this EP, but if you like a couple of the songs its worth the $2 to get them. I, personally, wouldn't waste my storage space with her entire album filled with techno vocal acrobatics. But don't let me sway you, give it a listen and decide for yourselves.
Call Me Crazy, But... is available for purchase in stores and online NOW! 

-Natasha Marie 

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