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Exclusive Interview: Kaylin Garcia Talks New Entertainment Ventures & Being Homeless With Joe Budden

Yesterday iSocialite had the luxury of interviewing former Love & Hip Hop star Kaylin Garcia. Many of you may know her as Joe Budden's ex, the faithful beautiful puerto rican mami who we saw torn to shreds over Joe Budden's (lack of a proper maternal presence) antics. Despite the heartbreak Kaylin has informed us of a few new ventures in entertainment. She has been in the studio recording, prepping for the movie industry, and has reassured us that we can expect her to be an overall great performer. We look forward to seeing more from Kaylin Garcia and interviewing her, considering this woman eloquently drops bomb shells with an incognito only second to the knockout game.

At 6:15 of the interview audio, iSocialite asks Kaylin "The holidays are coming up and what are some memorable moments from past christmas' you had over the years". Thats when the shit Sharkeisha'd the fan! Kaylin responds with "Well, last year I didn't really get to have a christmas because I was with Joe (Joe Budden) and we were HOMELESS"...

Since Kaylin said she didn't have a Christmas that must mean Joe was BROKE because they were homeless and she didn't get ANY gifts! Joe Budden are you telling me that all your twitter finesse was a front and you forced Kaylin along to spend Christmas with Annie & 'em? With someone as fine as Kaylin you should have had her on an island, not on Island Avenue. Joe should spend less time in the strip club, unless someone has actually seen him throw money. Joe Budden, It appears the slander gods have offered you as tribute. I pray that the block button is in your favor because the games have begun. Now with everything in perspective, I hope that Love & Hip Hop creator Mona Scott-Young continues to answer your prays in abundance with more TV time and I pray Kendrick responds with a diss because Christmas approaches and I'd hate to find you homeless again.

Bless your heart bro, and thank God strip clubs have accessible outlets.
-Jake P (@Toussaint215)

What Joe Budden had to recently say about our interview with Kaylin and our article:

Check out the official audio below
Fast forward to 6:15

****iSocialite Media broke this story first and other blogs/websites must cite us when reporting on this.
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