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Happy Holidays #Socialites! What music gets you in the Christmas spirit? Here's our list!

Happy Holidays #Socialites! The season for Holiday music is FINALLY here! So whose music, new and old, made my must have and must not lists? Thankfully, the albums and singles that I've heard have (mostly) been a blessing to my soul.

Topping the list as always is Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas, an eclectic blend of classic and original songs which will forever be TIMELESS. Her single "All I Want For Christmas Is You" tops the charts every year, and with good reason. This album is executed flawlessly and will continue to be a staple for the Holiday season ESPECIALLY going into its 20th year in 2014. Lambs everywhere have a reason to be proud that MOTHA Mariah reigns as the QUEEN of Holiday music...and music in general. This album is definitely a MUST HAVE!

Tamar Braxton's Winter Loversland...hmmm...how can I put this nicely? Well let me just put it. If you're in the market for morose, sad, lonely at Christmas time, nobody loves me, I just may slit my wrists music then this is the album for you! Naw, but seriously. Most of the tracks are so solemn. Do you want us to hate Christmas?!? Vocally, its not her best work either but she gives an admirable performance given her "vocal issues" and whatnot. HOWEVER, this album sucked all of the joy from my world. It gave me Sade tease and I have NEVER been here for Sade. I gave it one good listen and that's about all she wrote. It does serve as a good sleeping aid though, so there's that. If you're in search of another masterpiece like Love and War: stop looking. Luckily for her, Grammy nominations weren't contingent upon this album. In short: MUST NOT.

Ariana Grande's vocal chords have to be made of gold. She's given us 4 singles "Last Christmas" "Love Is Everything" "Snow In California" and "Santa Baby" and she slays them all EFFORTLESSLY. She literally has her fan base begging for more and I have to admit, so am I! I was definitely a skeptic at first but she's made me into a believer. Ariana is beyond talented! This was a perfect transition from her well deserved #1 Billboard 200 debut release of Yours Truly. I predicted success in her future and I'm sticking to that! MUST HAVE.

K Michelle. I'm flabbergasted. Really? You just released Rebellious Soul in August and you want to re­release it with a few added Christmas songs? Ma'am. Stop the madness. I'm not sure if its the ongoing battle with the aforementioned Braxton chick that's causing this hasty release but just NO. Scrap the Rebellious Christmas fakery. The singles sound great. I cannot lie and say the woman doesn't have vocal ability. And for once her music isn't crass so thank God for Christmas. If you want to release the singles then just do that. Leave Christmas Night the way it is. The re­release concept? MUST NOT.

Destiny's Child's 8 Days of Christmas should most definitely be the blueprint for holiday albums. It has just the right amount of uptempo tracks and ballads while still managing to showcase their vocal ability. A finesse not many have mastered. Clearly. The original songs are a blessing and will serve to make any holiday gathering cheery. This album is a MUST HAVE.

Mary J Blige's A Mary Christmas is pretty depressing as well. I'm not sure if its an African American complex to make all this slavish ass slow Christmas music but I'm not here for the "Negro Spiritual tease". Bye Felicia. This did not make me want to drink egg nog and be merry.
Instead I felt the sudden and irresistible urge to sojourn and speak the truth. I can't be bothered. It doesn't help that MJB already has the propensity to hit extreme struggle notes. I can't take that kind of torture in slow motion. This is for sure a MUST NOT.

Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped In Red is LIFE in musical form! Kelly better sang her ass off! I've always been a fan and heaven knows as long as she isn't singing live and struggling to hit those "studio only" notes then she has my vote. People need to take a feather out of Ariana's cap. She knows what NOT to do live. I love the mix of pop and rock throughout the album. This is HOW you make covers original! My vote is a resounding MUST HAVE.

With Kem's What Christmas Means being re­released as a deluxe version with tracks such as "Jesus" featuring THE Patti Labelle I just knew I had to put this on my list of albums to listen to! *yawns* I can't deal with the slowness. I tried my best. Honest to God. If you're here for Kem maybe you can shuffle him in with other people then you won't fall asleep. Just a suggestion. Or slip into something comfy and get some much needed rest. But either way I'm going to go with MUST NOT.

Toni Braxton's Snowflakes is typical Toni THE Braxton. How can you NOT love the sultry amazingness that comes out of her gorgeous throat?! Yeah, that's bae. The writing was superb...At any rate Toni Braxton is far too underrated to be this damn flawless. She SLAYS! And if you didn't KNOW Toni has a Christmas album then that's my damn point. GO GET IT! IT'S A MUST HAVE!!!

The Best Man Holiday: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the perfect culmination of artists and tracks. Its AMAZING. Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, John Legend, Monica, Mario, and the list of beautiful voices goes on and on. Emeli Sandè's voice is pure PERFECTION. Her track was my favorite by far, followed closely by Jordin's. I will admit I was NOT here for MJB singing "This Christmas" not on here, not on her album, not EVER. If you can't adequately follow up Chris Brown's slayage then just stick to what you can do well...but it is Mary after all *hums Crispy Chicken song*. Despite that minor flaw this is without a doubt a MUST HAVE.

I enjoyed this trek down holiday music lane, for the most part anyways. What these artists lack is vision and originality. We're over the covers of Christmas songs originally sang by Jesus and Moses. If you're going to make an album full of covers, at least make them your own and try to keep your audience from falling asleep or jumping off a ledge. The slow and somber renditions are NOT what Christmas is all about. Where's the joy? Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child had the right idea, which is why their albums will always be classics. Everyone else needs to take note and follow suit.

-Natasha Marie 

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