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Album Review: @DonaldGlover's - "Because The Internet"

Because the Internet’ shows blend of Glover’s double life.

Donald Glover is a man of many talents. I mean look at his track record. For those who know him, he is a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer/actor/screenwriter/etc , etc. The fact is, whatever he tries, he is damn good at it. ‘Because the Internet’, his latest body of work, is no different. Childish Gambino (Glover’s rap persona) takes the listener on a musical escapade on a story that Glover writes out of “the biggest Troll.” The two worlds come together in a story that takes multiple turns in a small amount of time. From mansion parties and emotional issues to family and relationship issues, Glover/Gambino both take our minds and ears on an adventure into a world of drugs, money, fun and cockiness.  To help those better understand the album, Glover release the a screen play for the album found on becausetheinter.net
Like a play, Because the Internet has many acts all showing a change in the theme of the album at each point.  The album opens with a bass heavy track entitled “Crawl” where Gambino flexes his lyricism. The second track on the album slightly changes the direction of the album. “II. Worldstar” is CG’s ode to WorldstarHipHop.com. This song shows less purpose on the album when you listen to it without reading the screen play. This song is followed by “The Worst Guys (Ft Chance the Rapper). If you’re a Chance the Rapper fan as I myself am, you are a little blow that Chance does not rap on the track. But still the song is a good listen. Moving through the album, you’ll find the vocals of Lloyd on the track “Telegraph Ave” and Jhene Aiko on “Pink Toes”

Because the Internet shows Glover’s love for what he does. His love to write and tell stories and rap.  Understanding the full story behind the album is key to understanding the work in full. Because the Internet is a great story. Though slightly hard to understand in small moments, it all becomes clearer with time. It’s packed with pain, comedy and partying. Moreover, it consists of awesome production done mostly by Gambino himself and vocals done by him as well. Because the Internet is the perfect way to close the year. If you haven’t heard it already, don’t listen! Go READ the screenplay (listed above) and THEN listen. You’ll thank me later.

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