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iSocialite's First Annual "This Year In Music" Review (2013)

2013 may not have been the most lucrative in sales [interjects...IN SLAYS KING BEY to completely make this statement false. #BOWTFDOWN] but the fruits of all this musical labor was intense! There were so many great albums this year. It was hard for me to narrow it down to just 5 so I'll toss in a few honorable mentions as well. I'm biased, I must admit, because I'm more of an R&B chick than a Hip Hop connoisseur. HOWEVER, I did review quite a few albums this year so my attention was spread fairly evenly. Bear with me.

RANDOM: Big ups to Kendrick Lamar for that dope ass "Control" verse. He lit a fire under so many asses and Hip Hop needed that! Best musical moment of 2013.
My favorite album, without a doubt, is Ariana Grande's Yours Truly. This album has been on constant repeat since September 3rd. As I took a gander upon the list of Grammy nominees I was SHOCKED that she wasn't included. She definitely deserved her spot at the top of the Billboard 200. Some of the best tracks include "Honeymoon Avenue", "Tattooed Heart", "Daydreaming", and "Almost Is Never Enough". Although her 3 singles slayyyyed as well. I love that she takes risks and isn't afraid to play with her vocal range [review]. And she better WHISTLE DAMMIT!!! If you can overlook her blatant obsession with Mariah, transparent eating disorder, and her man hopping you'd agree that she's EVERYTHING. So what if her album covers give us "children of the corn porn" tease? She's young. Stop slandering the damn girl and let her live.

As much as I'd love to hate, I can't lie and say that Love And War isn't an AMAZING album [review]. With tracks such as "All The Way Home" "White Candle" "Pieces" and "Stay and Fight" the child, I mean the youngest, of the Braxton clan finally proved she has some chops. FINALLY. Well...maybe. I've seen her live three times and she definitely needs to work on consistency: in her vocal life, in her twitter life, hell, in GENERAL life. Despite her outlandish antics, you can't deny she has a beautiful voice when she isn't suffering from various "issues" and "ailments" to explain away failing to deliver live but I digress...her touching acceptance speech at the Soul Train Awards gave hope to many a dreamer that no matter your level of geriatrics you too, can be somebody. Well hell, cop this album (thank God its all studio vocals not that this helped her holiday debacle), and if need be, close your eyes, pretend it isn't Tamar, and just enjoy the music. It's actually a great body of work, even if we didn't get 5 octaves or a true whistle...just ask the Grammys committee. #noshade

A late entry, and unfortunately ineligible for a well deserved Grammy nod, was Miley Cyrus's Bangerz. This album showcased a different side to her, ridiculously ratchet, and I'm here for her experimentation. TWERK, MILEY MILEY, TWERK! She even brought Britney Spears back on the scene with the title track "Bangerz" and lest we forget the vocal slayyyage of "Wrecking Ball". That song can literally bring tears to your eyes. I appreciate that despite the newfound ratch she's still SANGING her ass off on this album. 
I've always been a fan of her vocals. I can do without that nasty ass tongue thing she does and prancing around in her panties on stage and offending my damn life. But whatever.

Aubrey's Nothing Was The Same was one of my top albums this year, although his crooning on various tracks could probably be misconstrued as R&B, or hell, Pop even. "Tuscan Leather" was the perfect opener for this album, proving that he's not just the light skinned, curly haired, hype he comes off as. He really gave rappers a run for their money on the first track alone. His album came out later than most so he definitely had time to reevaluate what he was releasing. I'm sure that Kendrick "Control" verse catapulted his crying ass right back into the studio. Which I appreciated because I liked just about every track [review].

Last, but certainly not least, is KING BEY'S self titled album Beyoncé. This damn album set all kinds of fucking records. I REFUSE TO PLAY WITH YOU BEYONCÉ. It was beyond disrespectful how she crept on the scene like a thief in the night and just shit on every bitch in the game. And yes, all of the profanity is necessary. If you heard the album you would know why. I wrote a lonnnnnng review just the other day so I won't go into details but in Beysus name we pray, AMEN!
Rounding out my top albums are the honorable mentions, in no particular order: Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail [review], Kanye West's Yeezus, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP2, Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience, Jhene Aiko's Sail Out, J. Cole's Born Sinner, and Childish Gambino's Because The Internet. Keep in mind this was just my R&B driven opinion so don't stone me. I did say bear with me. I also asked my followers on twitter and got a mixture of the responses above.

Do you think I missed anyone? What albums did you love this year?

- Natasha Marie

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