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2014! Year Of The Wearable Tech And Its Leader @GoogleGlass! Here's our view #ThroughGlass

I welcome everyone into 2014! I'm sure most of you had a great time bringing in the new year.  But lets be honest, how much better would your new year have been with Google Glass? I'm guessing words can't explain! Google Glass is currently exclusive to select developers & Google Glass Explorers. Being a Google Glass Explorer myself allows me to shed some light for you. From capturing fireworks, parties, laughter, and concerts, Google Glass does it all!

What makes it a GREAT asset to me is its ability to literally capture any event hands free. Not only do I save time not shuffling between my phone & iPad, Google Glass allows me to record everything I see from an eyes view. Not to mention Glass connects wirelessly to my phone, iPad and wifi meaning all my Google Glass media can be simultaneously shared and stored. Glass also sports its own 16 GB storage and with it always being connected to Google's Cloud storage I never have to stress about running out of space. This makes it great for uploading and sharing with the public. Its like a 1st person shooter game without the guns, grenades, & vulgar online chatting.

The whole new wave is "cloud storage" and with everything becoming more digitally inclined, I think Google Glass is the device to lead the masses into the new realm of technology to come. Sharing pictures on Twitter, Google + and Facebook was never so easy. I can even upload videos directly from my Google Glass onto my Youtube Channel. Video bloggers, this device is a must have! Hands free 720 HD video recording and photography while being connected to cloud storage? What more is there to ask for? There's a nice amount of Glassware (apps) for Glass.

With 2014 seeming like the "Year Of Wearable Tech" no doubt more Glassware will roll out! Now, taking into account Google's innovative Google Glass we can all expect to spot a few "competitive" devices and their hibernating companies to peek their head out from under the arctic tundra floors. I applaud Google for being the leader in plausible wearable tech and thank them for allowing me to be part of the Explorer Team!

*Check out the video below of me wearing my Google Glass backstage at Drakes WYLAT concert. Stay tuned for more videos! #ThroughGlass

Official Google Glass site HERE

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