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Beyonce's Selective Feminism

After reading Beyonce's exclamation for freedom and equal rights for women I can truly say I'm inspired. It was profoundly written, unmatched in decadence, rivaling a hot summers hymn sung from the belly of a house slave. No doubt a change will come. I believe that Beyonce in all her brilliance has revealed to us her true self, or better yet the "self" that best suits this letter. Beyonce is very aware of the struggles women face stemming from sexism, and unlike "Sasha Fierce", who's lustful antics objectify women as purely sexual creatures, has decided to speak up. I applaud Beyonce for perfecting her personality-shuffle. She is truly a master magician. 
Orchestrating her "feminist" letter solely around equal pay for women was very safe. To think that a woman obtaining equal money was more important than the need to uplift societies image of women. I find this new "conscious" fight-the-power-Beyonce quite the paradox considering she's the leading feminine image in the world. Lets be clear, if someone truly wanted better he/she would do better. Wanting from the masses what you will not implement yourself is rather ludicrous. But who knows? 

Maybe Beyonce couldn't care less about the image of women. She might only be concerned with their wages. Regardless of the fact I'd still let her surfboard me, and drink my watermelon. Yonce' you want to impress the intellectuals? Either disband "Sasha Fierce" or simply say you're going to do what you want and screw society.  Only then will you obtain enough leverage to not straddle the fence of hypocrisy. Until then, whether self-afflicted or forced upon, it is clear that sexism is an issue that needs to be resolved. Coming from a man with morals, I am totally against unequal pay & rights here in America. It is dire that we educate our boys and girls to have respect for themselves, and each other. 

Check out Beyonce's official letter below:

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