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New Music: @Ciara Feat. @1Future - "Anytime"

Ciara and Future wanna be the next Bey and Jay sooo bad. It's not gonna happen. They may have been "Drunk In Love" when she got knocked up but they're going to be "Sober In The Industry" when it dawns on them that they aren't even in the same arena, let alone playing the same game. Your impact just doesn't exist. Maybe you should sacrifice something to the Illuminati Gods...perhaps Future's singing voice. Hell it worked for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. But I digress...

The duo collaborated on a new track entitled "Anytime" and I actually like it. Its some sort of country urban crossover and it sounds great. Is Ciara leaving the pop/r&b genre to escape King Bey's overshadowing? You see how well that worked out for Solange...

Here's the track...

- Natasha Marie

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