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New Music: @JoJoistheway, @MISSMYA, @KMichelle, and More...

Greetings Socialites! I hope you had an AMAZING Valentine's Day whether it was with your son, your parents, your boo...I mean who's really judging? *coughs* At any rate, let's get into this abundance of new music that was released yesterday. Artists were coming out of the WOODWORK! I mean TF did Mya come from?!? I forgot all about her. But her vocals always gave me pure liiiiiiife! "If You Died I Wouldn't Cry" was my anthem! And Ne-Yo and his head made an appearance. Honestly, I'm here for all the great music...but K. Michelle gave no fucks when she made that mixtape. Literally and figuratively. I need to have a come to Jesus meeting with that broad. Anywho...decide for yourselves. I'm just a vessel of knowledge. Not the end all, be all.

Listen to JoJo's new EP entitled "#LoveJoJo" below:

Mya's EP "With Love" is available on iTunes. Listen to the snippets from Soundcloud below:

K. Michelle's mixtape "Still No Fucks Given" is available for preview and download below:

Listen to Ne-Yo's new EP entitled "3 Simple Rules":

Happy Listening!

Natasha Marie

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