New Music: @MariahCarey - "You're Mine (Eternal)"

Mariah Carey, MOTHA Extraordinaire, Goddess of Light, Angel of Music has returned with her latest single "You're Mine (Eternal)" and let me tell you the SLAYYYAGE is real. When I got to the end of the track I swear to you I had to be resuscitated. I was DEAD. She better hit those notes DAMMIT. I can definitely appreciate you showcasing your octaves. If you HAVE them USE them! Too many people in the industry with the fakery. Bye girl. It's either you have it or you don't. And 20 plus years later Mariah most CERTAINLY still has it. I don't care if she lip syncs EVERY performance from now until Jesus returns, she's proven herself and she's a LEGEND. I'm convinced she walks on water in her spare time. Even her whispers are magical. She dropped this single right in time for Valentine's Day and I felt like I got the golden ticket. What that ticket gets me? I don't know nor do I care because I can just play this track on repeat. Check out MC's latest masterpiece:

And for all of you lonelys out there with no Valentine, just purchase this track on iTunes (or Amazon), the original and remix (ft. Trey Songz), and play it on a loop. Let Mariah be your Valentine. It's much more healthy than claiming kids and parents and whatever other incestuous-to catch a predator-type nonsense you people tweet to feel better about not having a Valentine. The shit is weird. Just stop it.

- Natasha Marie

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