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@NICKIMINAJ Is Killing The Game!

Onika, my love...you've done it again! The Queen completely and utterly SLEIGHED us with natural hair BTS pics the other day and life was given! I wanted to do all types of SERFBORT with her. I'm not ghey but if she's pretty I'll take your fave...yep. Bitch is GORGEOUS. To top that the Goddess of Rap MURDERED her latest features. TBQFH I could've done without every other rapper...just put her verses on a loop. Skip to 1:55 on "Danny Glover" unless you don't mind listening to Young Thug cry. I, on the other hand, cringe at the sound. Shit is worse than Future.

Also, check out Onika's verse on "My Nigga". Yes. Just her verse. I was serious.
IDGAF if you're not a Barb but dammit you will respect Le Empress of Rap. Pssst...Nic...come holla at a boss ass bitch...

Natasha Marie

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