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Thirsty 4 Pop's @A_4POP & @J4POP, The Next Big Thing

Thirsty 4 Pop's Azia Nova & Jizzy aka Jahzeelda Blanco add something refreshing to the music scene. I remember a few months ago I asked why these two weren't famous already. Talk about a best kept secret, these ladies songwrite, model, rap and are stylists. It Doesn't get any better than that. One thing I always stress is the drive to be innovative. If Azia & Jizzy continue to perfect their crafts and intertwine them, they will go very far with a sustained longevity. Thirsty 4 Pop give us a dope chemistry in front of the camera whether its a photo shoot or music video. Its not easy to keep an audience entertained and seeing them have fun while taking their art seriously is icing on the cake. I'm hearing that they are going on tour so I'm amped to see if they can bring that same chemistry on stage. I look forward to all their ventures and iSocialite is keeping a close eye.

Check out their latest video below:


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